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Through, Alibaba gave a successful cross-border B2C platform functioning in over 220 countries and has 20 million daily visitors. During the past 12 only months, the website has had 60 million active buyers and the number is expected to increase with time.

Apart from offering numerous other privileges to the retailers, it is the AliExpress drop shipping through which they are earning profits and taking their business to greater heights.

What is Dropshipping?

In simple words, dropshipping is when a customer makes a purchase from you and you directly place an order with the supplier. There is no hassle of holding an inventory, packaging, and shipping for you as the supplier takes care of this.

While dropshipping is an excellent way to start an e-commerce business, finding a reliable supplier is a tough job. However, this is no more of an issue because AliExpress is the most convenient marketplace which can be used to dropship.

Why Choose AliExpress?

You can easily find a wide range of products to sell on your store, buy them at a wholesale rate, and get them shipped directly to the retailer. Most of the sellers are overseas manufacturers so, the prices are competitive too. Moreover, AliExpress dropshipping is as easy as buying a product through the e-commerce website.

Effective Marketing Tactics for Dropshipping

Here are some marketing tactics which have the ability to make your virtual marketplace popular amongst the masses:

  1. A recent study sponsored by Social Media Success Summit 2009 revealed some interesting statistics about social media marketing for dropshipping businesses. Around 88% of marketers used social media for marketing and 72% revealed that they had been doing it only for a few months. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the top social media platforms for marketers.
  2. A video review of the product and a complete demonstration of how to assemble and use it can prove wonders for it. Comparing competitive products is another way to lure the customers. Social videos are also highly popular and it is estimated that by 2021, these videos will make up for 81% of total consumer web traffic.
  3. Email marketing is still one of the top ways to reach the potential customers irrespective of its perception of the people as being a thing of the past. 87% of email users in the US alone are adults and thus, this shows how important it is to rely on this medium.
  4. Facebook is a favorite of all the dropship entrepreneurs because of the richness and diversity of data it collects for Facebook Ads. As of June 2017, there are more than 2.01 billion Facebook users worldwide and this number is attractive for any business owner and marketer.
  5. Always retarget your customers because 98% of visitors never make a purchase on their very first visit. Once you retarget them with relevant ads, the likelihood of them converting to your site is 70% higher.

One of the most successful examples of dropshipping is Zappos which is a renowned US-based online shoe store. Tony Hsieh got involved in the business in 1999 and because of his financial setbacks, he resorted to the dropshipping model. Currently, it is a well-established e-commerce store and definitely one of the most powerful dropshipping success stories.

Thus, the right marketing tactics applied for AliExpress dropshipping can make you a successful entrepreneur within months so, go for this opportunity without any further delay.

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