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GL master upload – RFBISA00

I was looking for a document/blog/discussion which provides easy setting for LSMW for GL upload (RFBISA00). I do not want to create a recording and upload.

As I did not find any online document which is like a ready reckoner, So I did few test and thought to write this quick blog which may help to few looking for quick fix.

I defined the LSMW as below:

1 Define Object Attributes

2 Define Source Structures

3 Define Source Fields

You can add/remove a field from above list. The total list you can access from below button.


4 Define Structure Relations


5 Define Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

click enter for the fields

update constant t code as FS01


7 Specify Files

8 Assign Files


13 Create Batch Input Session

This step will process all the correct data and will create a session if there is any data not process because of any error.

14 Run Batch Input Session

If a session is created, you can go for this step.


Hope this document would help to upload GL account quickly.


Best Regards,

Pankaj Thakker

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  • Hi Pankaj,


    Thanks for such a helpful blog.But I have below query.

    It works fine when the “Update File Immediately” is checked, but it doesn’t generate SM35.

    When “Update File Immediately” is not checked, session is ending in error:it creates SM35 but prompting for “SBK1-XGKON (Relevant to cashflow)” for G/L account types S,P & N and “SKB1-MITKZ (Recon account for account type)” for GL account type X.