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Anyone running their business online should be looking forward to the IoT explosion. It’s an extra way to market products and services. Hopefully new companies will be able to exploit gaps in the market to catch up with their more established competitors.

The only problem is nobody really knows how the Internet of Things will affect online marketing. Luckily it’s easy enough to come up with a few good guesses. Let’s look at what people should expect to see popping up in the years ahead.

1. We’ll Move Away From Keywords

If you build a website on WordPress, SEO articles are very important. When you rank for specific keywords it will send lots of traffic to your business. It’s going to change much quicker than you think.
Instead of ranking for short keywords Google will start ranking you for conversational phrases. This is because when someone is speaking to a search engine instead of typing they’ll ask questions.

2. Personalization Will Be Crucial

There are lots of businesses worth hundreds of millions of dollars and nobody knows who runs them. The only people they’ve really heard about are those like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.
It will be hard to build a business in the IoT world without people knowing who you are. This is because of the data you’ll have access to. If you’re trustworthy you’ll have more chance of succeeding.

3. Click Through Rates Will Fall

We’ve all been interested in click through rates because it’s a great metric you can use to your advantage. Once you have a percentage you can change things around until it starts creeping up.
Earlier on we talked about people asking questions instead of typing keywords. Devices will be able to give someone a direct answer, so they won’t need to click onto a website to see what they’re looking for.

4. Your Target Market Will Be Smaller

Every business has a target audience at the moment and they market to them using the same channels. Once the IoT takes off those people in your current target market won’t all be using the same devices.

If you’re only targeting specific ones your market will become smaller, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you think about it. At the very least there will be a lot less companies competing for the same customers.

5. Google Will Become Less Powerful

It’s obvious nearly every single marketer in the world focuses their efforts on Google. Social media sites have changed things recently, but smaller search engines don’t get used as often.

What if you didn’t need to optimize your website for Google in the future? It could be more advantageous to optimize it for the IoT. Sadly, we won’t fully know how this will play out for a while yet.

The Big Day Will Eventually Arrive

We have been comfortable for a long time, but the day is going to come when everything will be shaken up. You need to keep on top of things to ensure you don’t miss out. Stay ahead of the curve and you’ll do very well for yourself.

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  1. Maryann Farrugia

    Well I think we will not move away from keywords. I think we will just optimise it more on how we can use it. PPC is still powerful as of today and will be more powerful i think. In targeting, well you really need to focus where your target is and it will really become smaller. Regards, Maryann Farrugia on Flickr.


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