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The whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspect of marketing has been one of the true examples of disruptive technology. When SEO first came into play, the internet was a total cluster fudge free for all – every spammer for himself. Hate them or love them – or maybe you’re simply indifferent – the geniuses at Google are the driving minds behind major changes in countless industries, especially marketing.

One of the things that Google is notably known for is how it cleaned up the wild world wide web. Google decided that as a matter of survival and to get a one up on Yahoo, it had to be the first search engine to create an industry standard across the entire board. Whether or not you are some kid with a diary blog, or a pet store running an ecommerce shop and using a blog to bring awareness, Google’s little web crawlers are watching you.

Understanding SEO beyond the whole content aspect is crucial if you really want to get the best out of your Search Engine Optimization work. This is called technical SEO. Search Engines are always changing things up – so often it is hard to stay abreast. Below are some words of advice on how to stay ahead of the SEO game, or at the very least, keep up.

Using Google Webmaster Tools Is a Huge Part of It

Google Webmaster Tools are designed to help you tweak and keep your website clean, pretty, and most importantly, friendly to use for guests. Now, it isn’t that Google wants to blackmail you into using their tools, thus your ranking goes down. Nevertheless, they’re there for a reason, and not using them may cause your site to suffer because of issues you didn’t notice.

Google Webmaster Tools help you keep up to date on Google’s quality guidelines. If for some reason you fail to adhere to these guidelines, Google will penalize your site or drop your rankings. Sometimes people commit violations for things they didn’t even know were violations. But that doesn’t mean you should get off the hook. A part of operating a business and/or website is knowing and understanding the rules.

Some other things Google Webmaster Tools helps with is structured data or HTML improvements, keyword insights, crawling data (Crawl Errors and Crawl Stats), sitemaps, mobile usability, how many links you have on your site, and how fast your website is. All of this information is very valuable to you in understanding how to improve your SEO standing.

Besides Google Webmaster Tools, there are other technical SEO services out there that will help you along the way, especially when it comes to more tech heavy aspects such as messing around with code.

Getting Your Website Speed up

Having a website rank well on search engines means it needs to be fast. Furthermore, ranking won’t even matter since most people (40 percent to be exact) will just close it and find another if it takes too long to load. Google began implementing this standard in 2010. The folks at Google call it the “time-to-first-byte,” or TTFB. This cute, little catchy phrase isn’t something to smile at if your site is slow to the first byte.

As the term suggests, TTFB is the speed it took for the browser to load the first byte of a web page’s data. But, as stated above, it’s the users you need to worry about more. On average, 47 percent of consumers asked said that if a web page doesn’t open in two seconds, they click the back button and find a web page that will load under that two-second threshold of patience. So, either make a responsive website the top of your priorities, or be prepared to lose a lot of your traffic.

Mobile User Hold a Lot of Weight

There is no reason to bore you with statistics since most of us in the business are aware that mobile device usage is in the billions globally. It is also a well-known fact that most people are using their mobile devices to search for stuff on the internet. And, of course, this leads to a site being mobile friendly, at the very least, having an impact on ranking.

It is quite astonishing how many websites are still behind in this area, even with all of the articles and advice gave about it. Being that I am always working on the go, I use my mobile device about 80 percent of the time to surf the web. Many sites do not work well. This is to say, you must work on it a lot and never neglect it. SAP Anywhere tools is yet another great product that can help you in this and other areas of SEO.

If you are looking for more SEO related advice, I found this article to be quite informative as well.

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