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Hi all,


Recently it became possible to create and deploy multi-target apps from the SAP Web IDE CP to the Cloud Foundry platform. This is how you can do so:

  1. Create a Multi-Target Application by selecting it from the wizard


2. Give it a name

3. Give the app an id, version and description


4. Add an HTML 5 module for the UI5 app

5. Select the UI5 template you would like to use for start creating your UI5 app

6. Give the UI5 app a name and namespace

7. Enter a name for the view

8. Create your view (just a label for this tutorial)

9. You can test the app by right clicking on the index.html page ==> Run ==> Run index.html

10. Configure Cloud Foundry => go to project settings

11. Select the cf eu endpoint, your organization and space ==> Save.

The first time, you’ll have to install the builder. Just click on install builder. (this can take a few minutes)

12. Build your Multi-Target App

13. The build generated a .mtar file in the folder mta_archives!

14. Right click on the mtar file and you can deploy it to CloudFoundry 🙂

15. Enter your CloudFoundry settings, same as in the project settings.

16. And your done 🙂

BUT! Working on a trial account comes with a few limitations.

One of these limitations is the memory quote of your CloudFoundry space. This is limited to 1024MB… Guess what, installing the builder takes the full memory…

When deploying a second app will give you the following error:

Workaround 🙂

I noticed that the builder is not using the full memory that’s allocated to it. Luckily we can change the memory quota of an app.

Go to your space where you see the builder and your app.

Go into the builder app and click on “Change Quota”

Change the memory quota to 768 MB

And now you’ll be able to deploy a second app on your TRIAL account 🙂

Enjoy experimenting with CloudFoundry on your Trial account!


Best regards,


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    1. Wouter Lemaire Post author


      This is how I included nodejs by using the web ide:



  1. Former Member

    In order to be able to manage the Space, you need to provide an user credentials, username and password. For me it worked providing my email and password that I use to log on. I don’t know why I don’t have an username.




  2. Former Member

    Hi Wouter,

    I’m trying with the same approach. But couldn’t get the .MTAR file generated. Please find the screen shot below. It would be helpful if you put some light. Thanks a lot!



    1. Wouter Lemaire Post author

      If the build is completed, you should find the mtar in the “mta_archives” folder. If this is not the case, probably something is going wrong…


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