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Load your source data into your target system with Advanced Data Migration

In this blog, I demonstrate how to load your source data into your target system with SAP Advanced Data Migration by BackOffice Associates, leveraging the steps of my previews blogs:

  1. A first technical glimpse into Advanced Data Migration
  2. Get to know your target system with Advanced Data Migration
  3. Extract your source data and prepare it for loading into your target system with Advanced Data Migration
  4. Map your source data to your target system with Advanced Data Migration
  5. Transform your source data into your target format with Advanced Data Migration

To start with, I must register my target SAP system as a data source. I did something similar before to download the target data dictionary and value mapping tables, but this time the connection is not to the database, but to the application server itself:

With this, I navigate to ADM > Integrate and create a Category for my Customer Migration like the Wave I created in dspMigrate earlier:

Within my Category I can now create a Template for the loading of my customer data. For this I leverage Batch Data Communication (BDC):

After the recording, I check that I got all fields that I need captured:

Next I create a view on top of my Target table and provide mapping field names as aliases:

With that I create my Process leveraging the Template and View I just created:

In the corresponding Process Template loop I specify the Primary Key Column Name and Field Mappings:

After activating my Process, I run the Process Post and see my Upload Succeeded with 91 successful records and 0 failed records:

Checking the log for more details I see 91 Success Messages including the Account numbers created in SAP:

And in transaction VD03, I see all my customers with their respective customer numbers (overall there are 93 customers now, because I had created 2 customers manually already):

With this my Customer Migration is completed and I can move on to the next migration wave which for me would be Material.

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  • Hello Frank,

    Whether SAP recommends to use such 3P Migration tools ? Why it is called as Advanced Migration tool when SAP has already has inbuilt tools like Migration Cockpits/ DMO ?

    Whether Customer are forced to look into such advanced tools for easy and better migration of DB from ECC to S/4 HANA 1709 ?


    Tool by Backoffice Associates is an alternate option to Batch Inputs because SAP had stopped supporting from further releases onwards ?

    Thanks in Advance !



    • Hello Vivek,

      There are many use cases for SAP Advanced Data Migration (ADM) by BackOffice Associates that I cannot all list here, but in principle you would use ADM when standard migration or conversion tools would fail. Examples are:

      • Bad data quality
      • Missing data
      • Complex migrations that require strong governance and supporting processes

      Best regards


  • Thanks Frank for Response and Clarification.

    Few more Queries -

    1.Apart from BackOffice,is there any other ADMs available?

    2.Is there a list of SAP recommended ADMs for customer to choose ?

    3.Is there any comparison list to compare Standard SAP Tools with ADMs on missing functionalities?

    Thanks in Advance !