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Lets Eliminate The Technical Teams Manual Daily Checks

I’m always getting the question can we automate our daily system checks to free up our technical team.

All the below scenarios are based on Solution Manager out of the box not requiring custom development or third-party tools. With these tools, your technical team can relax and stop doing daily checks.

With Solution Manager 7.2 there are four very good and easy functions that will help you.

First we have System Monitoring. (Solman 7.2 Application Operations –> System Monitoring)

With Solution Manager 7.2 SP5 – when system monitoring is configured, templates optimized and tuned it is possible to eliminate manual daily checks of your SAP system.
This is proactive monitoring giving your sap technical team time to work on more exiting and beneficial task.
When configured the use of the system monitoring dashboard on a big screen or separate monitor gives the technical team a clear view of your systems status leaving them with confidence that all is ok and they can concentrate on other task.
Example: This show a great overall health of your SAP systems

With all good tools, you can drill down and get the details on the actual exception. Another important factor is to setup key exceptions to be emailed to your technical team. Keeping these to important show stopper exceptions means the technical team can relax knowing the daily check such as ABAP ST22 dumps has been covered. All exceptions are store and can be searched back in time for reporting purposes.

Second we have Advanced Monitoring.

With Advanced Monitoring you can monitor the following if standard template approach does not help:

·        Oracle Tablespace Monitoring

·         ABAP Transaction Monitoring

·         File System Monitoring

·         URL Availability Monitoring

·         ABAP Short Dumps

·         ABAP System Log

·         ABAP Update Errors

·         ABAP Application Log

·         Log File Monitoring (non-ABAP)

Example ABAP Transaction: Here we can create a list of key transactions we need to know about. When created this also going into system monitoring and can have email alerting.

Exception Management (Solman 7.2 Applications Operations – Exception Management)

Exception Management, configure to monitor single or multiple step exceptions – this integrates with RCA (root cause analysis) and technical monitoring.

Log store – example

Configured log store example – Jobs, specific runtime errors, system log and more

In the Root Cause Analysis tile, we can see the exceptions, again this goes into system monitoring and can have email alerting.


Emergency Monitoring

If Solution Manager is down but System monitoring is configured we can still get a dashboard of errors that can be on a big screen or monitor for the technical team to use. This is based on Wily Introscope, all alert data from Diagnostic agents and hostcntrl still gets sent from the managed system but is also collected in Wily not just Solman MAI alerting and Monitoring. This means if Solution Manager is down we can still monitor our SAP landscape.

Example Emergency Monitoring: All tabs can be used and drill down for the actual alert or warning.


Happy monitoring..

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      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo





      Hi David,

      🙂  Even with all of that available I don't think our project managers will use it at the end of a project.   I would hope they would and could use it during the project except to get them off of MS project and into any SAP system might be a challenge.

      At the end of a project - everyone is nervous if all the code, configuration, testing is not done.   Even if that's when it was scheduled to be done - at times.   So they don't want to use ANY tool.   They want face to face time with everyone.   To tell us how important the project is and what the implications are if we don't hit date xyz.  They also don't want to go anywhere other than MS Project.

      I can see the technical lead using it.   They are used to the environment.   Then they could report up the chain to the project manager.   But not all of the projects have a technical lead or even a project manager.

      So I see morning meetings as continuing, sadly.  <Sigh>  But this blog gives me enough information to try it when I can.   And then passed on what I've learned.

      Have a great morning!


      Author's profile photo David Bedford
      David Bedford
      Blog Post Author

      Thank for feed back, good luck.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I think its more of a legacy issue with previous Solman versions (7.0 & partly 7.1) where the management reporting was not up to speed.

      Now with 7.2, there has been remarkable progress on this front, however, previous knockbacks have prevented the senior mangers and stakeholders to rely on Solman as a central tool for this information.

      I am sure this is changing, albeit, a bit slower  and hope that soon companies realize the importance of fully replying on Solman.




      Author's profile photo David Bedford
      David Bedford
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Deepak

      Agree, slowly but surely 🙂


      Author's profile photo Rahul Yedapally
      Rahul Yedapally

      Dear David,

      Thanks for detail information Provided in Blog looks its very intresting for every one

      Last month We have done Migration & Upgrade from Solution 7.1 to 7.2 SP03 with existing functionality OCC Monitoring

      After upgrade System Monitoring works as expected with Fiori Launchpad amazing tool and I have started working on RCA Exception Management. As we know both System Monitoring & RCA will be used for Different Functionality but From Customer point of view thinking was different ? RCA was integrated to System Monitoring ? which means system monitoring alerts from inbox can have detail analysis Provided from Root cause Functionality ? which is not possible in Solution Manager

      When I have Referring to your blog looks very interesting word called integration ,Can you please help me with your inputs ?

      Rahul yedapally

      Author's profile photo Rahul Yedapally
      Rahul Yedapally

      Dear David,

      Did you get any chance to review my comment? waiting for your valuable Response.


      Rahul Yedapally