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Getting started with SAP Lumira 2.0

In this blog, I’m pulling together all relevant information to streamline your journey with Lumira 2.0.


Supported Environments


Release Notes & Download Instructions

  • SAP note 2462799 is the master release note for SAP Lumira 2.0 which includes download instructions, and a master list of SAP Notes.


License Keys and Licensing

  • Lumira 2.0 Discovery installer comes with a 30 day trial license. After that expires you need to update the keycode for it to continue working.
  • Lumira Discovery 2.0 keycodes are different from Lumira 1.x keycodes. Your Lumira 1.x keycode will not work in Lumira Discovery 2.0. To request a new license key, refer to SAP note 2519499.
  • Lumira Designer 2.0 and Lumira Server 2.0 do not require license keys.
  • For more information on licensing see this blog


Converting Content to Lumira 2.0

  • The new HTTP based InA connector is the optimal way to connect all SAP BI products with SAP HANA. It is both faster and more functional. However Design Studio 1.6 customers that use JDBC to connect to HANA will have to update their applications to use this new connector. In addition, the HTTP based InA connector has received a number of performance enhancements in very recent HANA releases. SAP Note 2512478 covers our recommendations for how to manage this transition.
  • Once you’ve decided to adopt the HTTP based InA connector in Lumira Designer, SAP Note 2475223 covers the step-by-step process to change a HANA JDBC connection to InA.
  • For Lumira Discovery, the conversion process is a little different than Lumira Designer. You need to save the file first in Lumira Desktop 1.31 patch 8 before opening them in Lumira Discovery 2.0. See SAP note 2509882 for a step by step procedure. In addition, this note covers a number of behavior in Lumira Discovery 2.0 compared to Lumira 1.31.


Integration with the BI Platform

  • This blog covers different scenarios on how to upgrade your Lumira Server 1.x or Design Studio Add-on 1.6 to Lumira Server 2.0
  • SAP note 2458156 covers additional requirements if you plan to use LCM with both Designer and Discovery documents.
  • SAP note 2525751 can help you diagnose issues connecting Lumira Discovery to the BI Platform.


Release notes and restrictions

  • SAP note 2462202 has the release restrictions for Lumira Discovery and Server 2.0 SP2.
  • SAP Note 2507011 has the release restrictions for Lumira Designer 2.0 SP2.


Guidance for Early Adopter Care (EAC) Customers

  • EAC customers should also read SAP note 2521113 while planning to upgrade to BI 4.2 SP04


To stay updated

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