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All you need to know about Data Inspector (1705) to view Raw Data in Employee Central

Data Inspector – The raw data viewing tool 


This article will cover the following

  • Overview 

  • Technical Architecture 

  • Prerequisites

  • Data Inspector 

  • Use Case


The data Inspector tool is designed for professional users (customer/partner implementation team, system admins, SAP customer support team, SAP Engineering Support Team) to view/ download the raw data in a tabular from the instance. It can be seen as a one-stop destination to review various entity tables which were earlier accessed from different tools in Employee Central.

Customers will be able to see this function after b1705 comes to production. As of 1705 release, it shows the technical data.


It does not show Personally identifiable information (PII), ex., first name, last name, email, age, title, position etc. 

It only allows you to view/ download the table. You cannot modify/upload the table from Data Inspector Tool.


Technical Architecture

Figure: Technical architecture of Data inspector


  1. Enable OData in Provisioning – since the data inspector is based on OData API.
    • Uncheck “Disable OData API”
  2. RBP for OData Metadata
    • Manage Integration Tools
      • Access to OData API Metadata Refresh and Export
      • Access to OData API Data Dictionary

Data Inspector

RBP : Go to Manage System Properties > Data Inspector


Check Data in Data Inspector:

Entity: Choose the Entity we want to check. It could be a table, or system info.

Filter Criteria: We can filter the data based on conditions: Equals, Doesn’t Equal, Contains, Greater Than, Less Than, etc.

Data Table: The data will be shown in pages.


To list all the system supported timezones.


To review the workflow request status


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  • Hello Matt Burgon,

    The data inspector tool will show all non-sensitive data tables, which means we will never get person email address or salary data from the tool.

    The ultimate target for data inspector is the transaction code SE16 for SAP SuccessFactors.

    As of today it includes tables of:

    • background jobs
    • foundation objects
    • odata api audit and debugging
    • permission meta data
    • system settings and configuration
    • system upgrade and migrate details
    • technical columns of employee central entities
    • user meta data and mapping 
    • workflow meta data
    • etc