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SAP Analytics Mobile Strategy and What’s New in Roambi #ASUG Webcast Recap

Please note that this is post covers SAP Roambi products, and these are no longer available and supported.

This was an ASUG webcast last month

On the agenda was an SAP Analytics Mobile Strategy Update and what was new in SAP Roambi

On average, we look at our phones 48 times per day; we consume content rather than creating things (unless you are Vijay Vijayasankar, who writes blogs on his iPhones).  These are highly personal devices. It blurs the lines between our work life and personal life.  Users expect a high-quality experience; it is hard for IT to match that requirement due to lack of dollars and manpower

Source: SAP


Apps are focused on a set of activities and switching between apps

It is a focused experience for the user

It is short simple workflows to repeat

Mobile analytics – enable users to make better decisions as they have the data with them.


Value of Mobile Analytics to Customers

Realize value through enhanced business user awareness, decision making and alignment by extending analytics investments to business users across the organization and beyond.” Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Mobile analytics use cases are shown above – “mobile access” and “mobile first”

Mobile first is providing mobile-specific analytics for users

Source: SAP

Mobile access has been around a lot longer

Able to take desktop reports and show them on a phone – such as PDF reports

This is an extension of business intelligence

Device is expected to online all the time; mostly tablets

It usually requires access to a lot of data; run into issues with this

It tends to be an extension on top of desktop; goes across the network to access data; it means you may have to wait depending on how large data is and how fast the network is

Source: SAP

Mobile first – where using desktop is not practical

Want users to have access to data, not with a large screen, and not have online access

Deliver data on the user’s device; adds confidence

Favors phones over tablets because they have it with them all the time

Not huge amounts of data mining – light access

Source: SAP

Key features of a mobile first solution include creating content specific for mobile, with offline capabilities

Performance is faster as data is on device; not have to wait for network

Expect it to be fast and interactive

Works across multiple types of devices as many organizations have “BYOD” bring your own devices

Based on templates to help users create content

Source: SAP

It is critical to cover both

For mobile access, as BI users will create content on desktop and access

Mobile first – more people coming with these devices and want these analytics

Deploying good analytics on a mobile device has potential to effect how people work in the organization – deliver targets

Becomes “sticky” as users reach into their pocket to access this information

High usage rates – 95% with mobile first

Source: SAP

SAP acquired Roambi; for cloud users, the mobile first use case

SAP BusinessObjects Mobile has been the standard

Source: SAP

Roambi is rebranded, and is cloud solution use cases

Source: SAP

Support for Lumira 2.0 which went GA last month

Mobi – AirWatch SDK, extensions to SSO – making it easier to deploy

Source: SAP

New mobile interface for SAP Analytics Cloud

Source: SAP

Live data access, need to be connected to data source

Has some caching

Collaboration and notification capabilities

Source: SAP

Roambi is mobile first, using templates

SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile for live access

Mobi for on premise for Crystal Webi & Crystal

Source: SAP

For the first time, all 3 mobile analytics is under one team at SAP

They are being managed together

Source: SAP

Over time will see a unified experience across the applications

You can pick a hybrid approach

Your investments are safe

What’s new in Roambi

Source: SAP

Apps are now in SAP App Store; before in a separate organization

Source: SAP

Pale blue is new pink; now have SAP branding

BusinessObjects name dropped

Source: SAP

Change look & feel of comparison charts, how close/far away from target

Pie chart now has a total in the center

Source: SAP

Pulse interface for iOS tablets is changing; up to spec with the rest of the platforms

Source: SAP

Launched a second cloud service in Europe

Source: SAP

Updated samples applied with the app

Based on a single common dataset

Source: SAP

On the cloud service, enhancements are shown above – SSO Cloud identity integration

Now there is new help page now available on – search for Roambi

Source: SAP

Improved connections to BusinessObjects connector – improved bursting

Other enhancements:

RoambiScript 1.0.3 released 7th August

General performance improvement

Data Connectors now available to download directly from the SAP Store

Roambi data connectors documented in new SAP App Center

Updated Roambi Roadmap is published at


Question and Answer

Will we see a converged Mobile BI client?

Not at this time. Apps are built to address specific needs. There will be some standardization and combability but no convergence now.

So, if you purchase Roambi through SAP Store, will you get the maintenance updates? Or for that you go through your SAP Account Executive?

It doesn’t matter how you acquire the Roambi app. Because it is a cloud product, it is freely available in the App Store. Users are paying for keeping the accounts active as Roambi is a subscription service.

Same price as SAP Analytics Cloud? 22 per month?

SAP Roambi is $22 per user per month.

Does SAP have clients who use both Roambi and Mobi?

Yes, there are some customers that have use cases where they are looking for cloud-specific solutions that Roambi delivers in lieu of Mobi. For those customers that are not into cloud, Mobi is the only option, aside from custom development.


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