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Seamlessly Survive #SAPTechEd 2017 Las Vegas a @SAPMentors Recap

This webcast was held today

Source: SAP


Ric Rogers started.  Ric is the Global TechEd lead to produce the series globally

New thinking going on behind the scenes

Source: SAP

You know who is coming…as SAP gets ready for the event.

Trying to attract more of the “who” – want all the technologists as it is the premier event for SAP.



Source: SAP

This is a quick look next week

Monday is the Big Data event/product launch and a free lunch

You need to register in advance

9:00 am keynote on Tuesday – do not be late…will be exciting – content and entertainment

JAM band plays Tuesday evening

Wednesday morning run

After hours party on Thursday


Source: SAP

The changes for 2017 – need to start embracing more modern audiences from SAP and expand the audience

With new SAP Leonardo, there is something for everybody

Boiled conference tracks to 5 easy themes

Synergy between show floor and conference sessions

Special pass for developers


Source: SAP

Check through the website – 5 themes

Know is analytics

Run – core technology

Transform – Leonardo

Unlock is big data

Engage – UX and Fiori experience


Source: SAP

Show floor – Venetian – closer to content

“no more basement” said some webcast attendees


Source: SAP

SAP Experts & Solution Center – personalize content experience

Source: SAP

Guide in right direction; can schedule NOW when logon


Source: SAP

Showcases…always on – 5 themes and subjects on show floor


Source: SAP

Designated footprint at designated time

Source: SAP

Lecture series on show floor

Strategy talks focus on 5 content themes; a bridge between keynote and meeting rooms

Thought leaders for innovation talks


Source: SAP

Re-think of Developer’s garage

  • this is more about audience than hardware
  • similar to build zone last year
  • code reviews
  • reached out to platform partners


Source: SAP

Like the Hangout zone but this is more about community and sharing

Drink coffee

Source: SAP

Clubs – every 30 minutes a presentation – more of a meetup

Source: SAP

Ribbons too!

Source: SAP

More tips from Ric:

  • One thing you will notice in the Pack Your Bags email.  There will NOT be a printed guide in 2017.  It might be a good idea to print a show floor pdf before you leave for the event.
  • The mobile guide will have a full map and of course access to personal agendas
  • The app will actually pull up your registration barcode when you enter the check-in area. Getting and activating the app on your personal wifi before arriving will move you much faster through registration
  • The SAP Community will be hosting a lounge near registration.  Often times Las Vegas hotel rooms aren’t available until later in the afternoon.  If you arrive early, this is a good place to wait.
  • TechEd is providing a conference bag for anyone on a full-conference pass again this year.  If you normally pack an extra you can skip that.
  • Hotel rooms in Las Vegas have lots of numbers.  Keep your key packet or take a picture of your room number so you don’t forget where to go.

Source: SAP

Add these sessions to your agenda


Source: SAP

Add these SAP Community sessions to your agenda

Source: Jelena

These are Jelena Perfiljeva tips for transportation

Source: Jelena

Pack headache pills

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Don’t carry so much

More from Jelena with links:

Raku (Japanese, small plates)

FireFly (Spanish / tapas)

Honey Salt (“farm to table”)

▪Lotus of Siam closed till end of month due to a roof collapse


Source: SAP

Chris – play at networking lounge

Source: Chris

More tips from Chris:

Check that you have the correct:

  1. Visa
  2. Travel documents
  3. Vaccinations or shots
  4. Travel Insurance
  5. You are booked to the correct destination – don’t joke
  6. Inform your Bank and Credit card company you are going to be outside your normal spending activities

Chris says:

Travelling to TechEd is a journey which usually takes at least a few hours.

Often crossing and entering different states and/or countries.

After 15 years of travelling a few things have kept me sane

Your travel is mostly outside of your control – delays and cancelations happen. Live with it
Be respectful of people who work for the travel company
Bring things to keep you occupied – do not spend your time drinking

Keynote tips from Chris:

There are several areas in the keynote theatres which are reserved for groups of people. Look at the seating maps – a good place to sit is behind the Analysts and Blogger program
Wifi in the keynotes is awful – be careful of roaming charges but using Mobile network data is better
Take pictures, take notes – but enjoy the keynote and absorb the content. There are things which will take time to connect in your head so you need to be listening

Ric says  “Note again that the keynote is up on the fifth floor. Allow some extra time to get up there”

How to “timetable” yourself:

There is a ridiculous amount of content available – nearly everyone there has content to impart
Not all sessions are created equal, if they are bad get out and go to something good – always have one or two backup sessions available
Put your sessions in your calendar so you don’t have to keep the welcome pack with you
Download the presentations from the TechEd website and have them available to annotate during the session
If you have a question – ASK IT!!!!. You have paid a lot of money/time/effort to be there – get the value out of it!
Take the time to walk the show floor and talk to people in the booths – they don’t always bite and they want to chat

Graham Robbo says “If you have a choice between manning your session or meeting someone new – meet someone new”

Chris advises – what to bring with you daily:

Hydration – Water or isotonic drinks
Medication – headache tablets etc…
Comfy shoes and underwear – you will walk at least 5 miles EVERY DAY
Wear layers of clothes – show floor is hot and session rooms are cooler
Battery pack – for when you need to charge your mobile device
Travel plugs – at least 1, 2 is better. 1 for laptop and 1 for mobile device
Laptop lock

Ric Rogers: There is a Walgreens  just outside the entrance (porte chachre) of the Palazzo

Chris says

HAVE A LOT OF FUN – say yes to stuff you wouldn’t normally do

Gambling – Jelena says

The House always wins


Maria Farrales says There are still seats available for SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley Sept 22 @ Google San Francisco

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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Tammy, thanks for posting!

      Rafael Guimbala shared some good tips on the transportation from the airport to the hotel on the Mentor Jam, maybe he could add them here too? I thought those were very helpful.

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jelena Perfiljeva I believe you summarized these below - we forgot to add them to our slides 🙂

      Here from Rafael Guimbala :

      1- TAXI

      Terminal 1 - Taxicabs are available on the east side of baggage claim, outside door exits 1 - 4.

      Terminal 3 - Taxis At Terminal 3, taxis are conveniently located outside on Level Zero.

      • Some taxis will not accept credit card payments. Customers should notify the attendant if they plan to use a credit card for payment.
      • There is a $2.00 charge on all fares originating at the airport.
      • The maximum number of passengers allowed in any taxi is five (5), including infants and children.


      2- Uber or Lyft

      Ride Share Pick up from Terminal 1

      The Ride Share pick up is located on level 2M of the parking garage.

      • From Baggage Claim, take the elevator near door #2 up to level 2.
      • Cross the pedestrian bridge on level 2 to the Terminal 1 Parking Garage.

      Ride Share Pick up from Terminal 3

      The Ride Share pick up is located on the Valet level of the Terminal 3 parking garage.

      • From Baggage Claim, take the elevator near door #52, #54 or #56 up to level 1.
      • Cross the pedestrian bridge on level 1 to the Terminal 3 Parking Garage.

      If you never used Uber or Lyft there are some cupons you can use:

      Lyft - code: "newuser" - 20USD to use

      Uber- code: "HITTHEROAD" - 15USD in the first ride


      3- SHUTTLES

      Group shuttles are an economical way to get from the airport to most major hotel/resorts. While en route, group shuttles make multiple stops at locations along the way, so relax and enjoy the spectacular view.

      Terminal 1 - Group shuttles are available on the west side of baggage claim, outside door exits 7 - 13. Airport personnel are available to help queue the lines and provide assistance as needed.

      Terminal 3 - At Terminal 3, shuttles are conveniently located outside on Level Zero on the west end of the building to serve domestic travelers and on the east side of the building to accommodate international travelers. Quick exit lanes will allow traffic to leave the airport quickly and airport personnel are available to assist as needed.

      Source: Rafael