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Last week’s @SAPMentors Moments

Source: SAP

Last week started with an EMEA webcast on Creating the Perfect SAP Incident, which was a repeat of a webcast held in July.  SAP Mentor Tom Cenens provided expert moderation and answered several questions during the webcast.  In case you missed it ASUG has an upcoming webcast on this.


I wrote SAP HANA Machine Learning and Integration with Other Machine Learning Systems #ASUG Webcast Recap.

SAP Mentor Paul Hardy writes a blogs like they are magazine articles.  First last week he wrote SAUG Conference 2017 (1/2) : Rise of The Cybermen and part 2.  Read his blogs and you will feel like you attended the SAUG conference along with him.  Some quotes:


“The point Jocelyn wanted to make in this presentation was that there was no point making the transition to S/4 HANA just because it is cool and groovy, there needs to be some added business value.”


This quote is music to my ears:

“Speakers lose points of running over in Toastmasters.”

He also wrote Secret SAP TechEd Las Vegas Ground Rules  – check the buzzword bingo list – blockchain?  Check.  Design Thinking?  Check.   Here is a shameless plug for today’s webcast, how to seamlessly survive SAP TechEd.

New Mentor Lars Breddemann writes HANA Gets Stripped, a catchy title for minimizing memory usage for HANA, including HANA Express. With 49 shares on Linked In alone, this is a popular blog and topic, something you want to know before installing HANA.


I wrote SAP Cloud: Trainings available from SAP for end users – Knowledge For You Webcast Recap.  There is a lot available in the SAP Learning Hub – and how you should get started by using the SAP Learning Journeys.

SAP Mentor Marssel Vilaça announces SAP Inside Track Bogotá 2017 #sitBOG – an SAP Inside Track for Colombia for November 23rd.  He says

“meeting of the SAP Community that brings together the best professionals in the SAP market, to share their knowledge and experiences with all attendees”

SAP Mentor Ingo Hilgefort shares A new tool in our toolbox……Visual BI Document Management for SAP Lumira.  If you have multiple developers developing with Lumira, this is an option to check into.

SAP Mentor Jocelyn Dart wrote several blogs this week on S/4HANA.  First up was Setting User Defaults in SAP S/4HANA – she starts:

Whether you are a business user, a functional consultant, a User Experience Lead, a developer, or a basis expert, if you are working with SAP S/4HANA (or SAP S/4HANA Cloud) at some point you will want to either set defaults for your own user id or show others how to do it


She continues with Activating User Defaults in SAP S/4HANA and Applying User Defaults in SAP S/4HANA.

Wouter Lemaire writes Library Manager for SAP Web IDE – he starts:

“are you using JavaScript libraries in your UI5 project?


Tired of including them manually?


Looking for a JavaScript package manager like Bower integrated in the SAP Web IDE?


Then the SAP Web IDE Library Manager is the solution for you!”

Prolific blogger Jerry Wang wrote 5 Cloud for Customer blogs last week, continuing to share his knowledge:

  1. Regarding C4C UI refresh logic based on response from backend
  2. How to detect EditMode in an Embedded Component
  3. Step by step to enable your custom BO with attachment upload functionality
  4. Step by Step to create an Adobe Print form in Cloud application Studio
  5. How to render PDF which displays picture from the image attachment of your custom BO

SAP Mentor alumnus Michelle Crapo writes SAP TechEd 2017 – A Speaker Preparing for TechEd.  She shares how she practices for her session.

Original chief SAP Mentor herder Mark Finnern writes For Auld Lang Syne .  It’s good to see him back on the SAP Community blogging.  He invites you to attend SAP Inside Track Silicon Valley this week.  After that, some are taking the clue bus to SAP TechEd Las Vegas.  He invites everyone to create a SAP Mentor Chalk lemon.  As I don’t have the chalk and I’m not that skilled, I thought of asking my artist nephew to create one for me.

On Thursday, SAP Mentor Alumnus Alan Rickayzen provided a great ASUG Webcast titled A Whirlwind Tour of Workflow in S/4 HANA Cloud & On-premise (Session 1).  You can watch a replay here.   A subset of the interesting Q&A is below:

What is the most attractive aspect of workflow in S/4 HANA that you have seen today?

merges together in 1 look & feel and is intuitive; empowers business users to model their own workflows without worry

the Flexible WF seems to be a replacement for the PLM Process Route. What capability is there to default a template, and to control/secure changes to the route. Also, is there the equivalent to change management to control changes and deployment of the WF? Something like DSM?

Cannot show exactly what direction; have a CEI for PLM ( – to get a view up front, join

How is ORG Management used in S4 Hana and success factors. Does what we have now flow over to S4?

Org management is not used in S4; can cover in a future webinar – deliver team and responsibility management in S4

Join Alan for his next webcast October 5 titled Using My Inbox to Simplify Approvals and Other Tasks (Session 2).  Special thanks to SAP Mentor Peter McNulty for setting up these webcasts.

I wrote How to Successfully Manage Your Company’s Digital Transformation by Overcoming the Digital Skills Gap Webcast Recap. Call to action from SAP “start with a digital development plan today”.   I also wrote Don’t Miss Out – Call for Papers is Open for the BI+Analytics Conference – get VIP treatment from Eventful Conferences if you are selected as a speaker.

Source: Eventful

Also last week, Espresso Tutorials announced New SAP Book Release: SAP OpenUI5 for Mobile BI and Analytics by Raquel Seville

On Saturday, SAP Inside Track Recife was held.  It was Marssel’s 17th SAP Inside Track.  Amazing!

SAP Mentor Derek Loranca announced SAP Inside Track New York for November 6th.  “New York, New York, the city so nice, they named it twice”.  Care to share?  Care to attend?

Be sure to register for today’s SAP Community SAP TechEd Call at 4:00 pm Eastern.  Details can be found here.

Join these ASUG webcasts this week – some moderated by SAP Mentors:

What other moments did I miss?


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      Author's profile photo Jelena Perfiljeva
      Jelena Perfiljeva

      Thanks for writing this, Tammy!

      It is a shame though that SCN 3.0 is almost a year old already yet the content discovery still barely exists. It's nice that we have at least the latest blogs in Mentor tag (and few others) listed on the home page. But it is limited to just 3 items. And during the event season the blogs fall off that list very fast.

      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern

      Wow, very comprehensive list Tammy. Thanks so much for putting it together.

      Of course, I can't wait to see what kind of Mentor Lemon Chalk circle your artist nephew comes up with. Will it be the first colorful one?

      See you all at #sitSV as well as the #ClueBus 🙂