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Here is a fact for you to ponder: freelancing is on a steady rise. With the automation of so many things throughout various sectors, the numbers of people venturing out into the world of freelancing will only continue to grow in number.

Many graduates fresh out of college find that, after they spend years in class and thousands of dollars, it is not as easy to land that dream job they had imagined going in. For those graduates stuck in this sort of rut, it can become a demoralizing not getting hired within a certain time frame.

Even worse are those who end up in a whole different line of work altogether. Furthermore, as Brian Rashid wrote in an article for Forbes, there is the issue of “reactive professional growth.” Even with all of that education and fancy paper to back it up, skill sets don’t start to grow until you start to use them in the field.

I am pretty sure that more than a few of you in the SAP community freelance or belong to the elite supertemp. This article is for you. We’ll take a look at how technologies such as SAP applications support more than companies – these technologies are also great tools for us in the freelancing field.

Time Management Is Very Important for Freelancers

One of the things I found out very quickly when I first became a freelancer was how important time management is. Even today, I still find that I struggle with managing my time, even with the help of time management tools.

SAP Time Management is a module under SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) that is usually used by Human Recourses and admin departments in organizations. What I like about SAP Time Management and other modules that fall under HCM is that, if I so choose, I can other freelancers if I put together a temporary team in order to tackle larger projects that I cannot handle alone.

The question may be asked: Why use such a comprehensive tool as a freelancer? Well, in my experience, freelancing is one step away from being a full blown entrepreneur. Being a freelancer doesn’t mean you won’t contract other freelancers in other fields to help you.

As an example: If you are an SEO freelancer, you may hire freelance writers on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your workload. It can become a huge headache managing clients, freelance writers, cash flow and other aspects.

Automate Your Financial Processes

Freelancing is basically like operating a miniature startup. You will face a lot of the same issues that any small to medium sized business does – only on a smaller and more personal scale. I say “personal” because as a freelancer you are usually directly involved with every aspect of your mini venture.

Freelancers, no matter what their field of work must take full advantage of all sorts of automation available out there. This holds especially true for the financial aspect of your freelancing business. SAP has a large number of financial products that can be adopted by freelancers. The more things you automate now, the easier your work will become. Afterall, a lot of us freelancers have aspirations of launching startups one day, right?

SAP offers freelancers of all trades something that they can use. Whether you are a freelance real estate agent who could use automated Real Estate Management or you are a freelance web or app developer who could use automated Payables and Receivables, there is no reason to not to start using such applications now.

Build Yourself a Comfortable Office Space

Going off the original topic of automation for a moment, I’d like to express the importance of creating your own special office – your own personal work space. Automation can only get you so far. Work still has to be completed. Privacy and comfort are the seeds of a great workflow.

When I first started in Toronto website design, I was freelancing for a company there. They were my first awesome clients. I had to learn how important privacy was since their work load for me was quite hectic at times. That is when I chose to rent myself a small, private office. Since then, my workflow has gotten a lot better. The investment is worth it in the long run.

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