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Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire

Library Manager for SAP Web IDE

Are you using JavaScript libraries in your UI5 project?

Tired of including them manually?

Looking for a JavaScript package manager like Bower integrated in the SAP Web IDE?

Then the SAP Web IDE Library Manager is the solution for you!


Implement libraries in your UI5 project with the Library Manager SAP Web IDE Feature

There exist many JavaScript libraries on the web which you can use in your UI5 project. When you’re using the SAP Web IDE, you need to implement these libraries manually. You have to search for libraries on the web, include them in your UI5 project and configure your project to use the libraries. All these steps take time.

With the Library Manager, you can search, import and include libraries into your UI5 project directly in the SAP Web IDE.


How it works

A youtube video:

Select your UI5 project you’re working on:

Open the “Library Manager” in the right tab area:

The Library Manager show the project that currently is selected, a search field and result list.

Search for the library that you want include:

Select a Library from the result list and a dialog will open. In this dialog, you can configure the library. The configurable options:

  • Select the version that you want to use
  • Download: Means that it will download the files and import them into your UI5 project. If this is disabled, it will use the online cdn url
  • Manifest: This will include a reference to the library in the resource section of the manifest.json. This will load the library when you run your UI5 project


Click on the “+” button to start the process. When it’s finished, it will show a small log in the status column.

After that you can just close the dialog. When everything went well, the Library will be in your project and the manifest will have a reference to the library.


How to get it

Create a destination in the SAP Cloud Cockpit

Description=Library Manager

Go to the SAP Web IDE –> Settings –> Features and enable the Feature:

Click “save” (which also refreshes the SAP Web IDE) and you’re done!


You can also find it in the SAP App Center:

Please feel free to help improving this feature. You can find the project on github:


Please start using it and provide feedback! Hope it convinces you to use the SAP Web IDE 🙂


Best regards,



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      Author's profile photo Sharath M G
      Sharath M G

      Hello Wouter,


      Thank you for sharing the information on the blog. This information is very useful especially in scenarios where we wish to use external libraries.

      I tried to create a destination and add the feature as a plugin in Web IDE. However, when I append my trial account to the URL in your blog: https://sapwebidelibrarymanager-<s user id>, I get HTTP STATUS 503.

      How do we build the library manager URL for trial user ids? Kindly assist.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      HI Sharath,

      I am also facing same issue please let me know if you found any solution.




      Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire
      Wouter Lemaire
      Blog Post Author

      Sharath and Former Member You don't have to replace the S-user. You can keep it as it is:

      Author's profile photo Sharath M G
      Sharath M G

      Thanks Wouter.  It worked.



      Author's profile photo Nick Yang
      Nick Yang

      Hi Sharath and Harshal,


      I assume you imported Wouter's source code into your WebIDE and tried to use your own URL instead of the one provided in the blog. You need to deploy the project to SCP then URL will work.

      This should solve your problem. Thanks.




      Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire
      Wouter Lemaire
      Blog Post Author

      Nick Yang it will work, but it's not needed. It's deployed on a special SCP account that you can access by using the destination as I've defined in my blog.


      Best regards,



      Author's profile photo Anujit Marty
      Anujit Marty


      I did deploy as you said but I've got the error message above.

      The application is running as you can see.



      Author's profile photo Purav Barot
      Purav Barot

      I encountered the same problem. Just wait for 5minutes and it will appear.

      Author's profile photo Anujit Marty
      Anujit Marty

      Hi all
      What am I doing wrong here?

      Author's profile photo Klaus Reiner
      Klaus Reiner

      Hi Wouter,

      I am experiencing the same problem with status code 404:
      Connection to “LibraryManager” established. Response returned: “404: Not Found”

      Configuration is just as described above. I have also used the user out of your URL.
      Would be great if you could help me an Anujit Marty who has the same issue.

      Thanks, Klaus



      Author's profile photo Klaus Reiner
      Klaus Reiner

      Saved it, by just waiting one night. Then the function was available.

      Kind regards,  Klaus

      Author's profile photo Paul Negrete
      Paul Negrete

      Awesome, really helpful tool.



      Author's profile photo Julian Haupt
      Julian Haupt


      the Manager doesn't Work anymore. It allways says "Error during search". Will there be an Update?

      Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire
      Wouter Lemaire
      Blog Post Author

      Probably not as This not working with BAS