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SAP Business ByDesign marketing and pre-sales: Campaigns, Activities, Leads, Opportunities and Customer 360

One of the best kept secrets of SAP Business ByDesign is its built-in campaign, leads, activities and customer 360 capabilities. With this you can not only execute directly in the system multi-language and personalized mailings but also create leads, track activities, marketing and generated sales volume.

This means your are enabled to track the effectiveness of your marketing in Dollars and Euros and provide marketing and sales employees one solution in which they can collaborate.

With the SAP Business ByDesign Marketing and Account Management Work Center you can:

  • Create precise target groups to address your market segments
  • Execute campaigns via phone, letter or e-mail with the multi-language & responsive direct mail execution
  • Manage response options for campaigns to track follow-ups
  • Directly generate activities, leads & sales orders etc. as response including campaign specific pricing
  • Track responses to measure the success of your campaign
  • Centrally manage all your accounts and contacts with customer 360 view on the desktop and the smartphone.
  • Manage marketing documents and competitor products
  • Report on campaigns, leads, activities and all follow actions

Below you find more details on the most important capabilities and helpful links you should be aware of. To start you can first watch the demo (here you find a spanish translation):

1. Campaign execution & response tracking

  1. Built-in campaign management with response tracking
  2. Direct Mail Campaign execution with multi-language, personalized and responsive mail templates
  3. External campaign execution for any channel (e.g. call center, lettershop) with integration via web service
  4. Response & success tracking for activities, leads, opportunities, sales quotes & orders.
  5. Grant campaign specific discounts to customers
  6. Embedded campaign success tracking including sales order value

2. Direct mail execution of responsive multi language mailings

  1. Design responsive mail templates in any third party design tool (e.g. Dreamweaver)
  2. Add personalization attribute placeholders (e.g. Name, Unsubscribe link) and translate it to the target languages
  3. Upload it to ByDesign campaign, define the subject line for each language & select the default language
  4. Send test message with test data
  5. Execute campaigns

3. Target groups

  1. Target group wizard for adding accounts, contacts & target groups which have at least one search parameter in common
  2. Manually add accounts & contacts that do not match the search parameters
  3. Target Groups can be merged, intersected or subtracted from other target groups or lists of accounts and contacts.
  4. Target groups can be created also from reports e.g. the sales order volume to filter for top revenue accounts only

4. Lead management

  1. Generate leads coming from campaigns, inbound activities or external sources (e.g.  upload, web services)
  2. Shorten lead cycle by automatic assignment of sales counterpart & direct hand-over
  3. Create leads with our without account & product assignment
  4. Improve conversion rate by embedded lead success report

5. Marketing analytics – analyze & drive marketing success

  1. Visibility & control of Key Figures such as number of members, responders, response rate, number of leads, opportunities, quotes, orders…
  2. Free selection of characteristics like account or contact country, language etc.
  3. Display with various chart types including table view
  4. Enhanced insight through interactive drill-down capabilities
  5. Standard Reports: Campaign Analysis Number of Leads, Lead Funnel (Managing My Area), Target Group Analysis.

6. Campaign response creation

Responses to campaigns can be created either in ByDesign, by CSV upload or automatically using the various web services (e.g. Lead, Sales Order etc.)

  1. Manual response creation from the campaign
  2. Bulk creation of responses from the campaign
  3. By directly assigning the campaign to the response (e.g. lead, opportunity, sales order etc.)
  4. By Excel upload or web service integration (e.g. activity, lead, sales order for webshop, social media, marketing automation)

7. Opportunity Management, Quotes and Sales Methodologies

The opportunity, pipeline and quote management is the last step in the Marketing to Opportunity Scenario which is followed by the order-to-cash scenarios.

Here is a demo:

8. Collaborative Marketing Budget and Campaign Management

ByD CRM provides also marketing budgets and multi-campaign project management is possible.

Since the availability of the Microsoft Teams Add-on you can now use this for collaborative marketing budget management and campaign monitoring.


9. More helpful resources

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      Author's profile photo Jan Matthes
      Jan Matthes
      Blog Post Author

      Here you get an overview on all customer engagement and commerce capabilities of SAP Business ByDesign:



      Author's profile photo Taesik (Kevin) Jun
      Taesik (Kevin) Jun

      Hi Matthes,

      Thanks for valuable articles all the time. I have one question. My potential customer has Channel ( normally 2 ties,.. ie, wholeseller and dealer-final tier).. Can Bydesign support 2 channel performance, pipeline, activities ?  I can't not find material. Appreciate your help?




      Author's profile photo Jan Matthes
      Jan Matthes
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Kevin,

      there are various options to separate customers by sales channel in ByD. E.g. it is possible to use  sales orgs, sales unit and/or distribution channels to separate those tiers. These characteristics can be used to categorize customers of the various channels, to do reporting and marketing for them.