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1. Overview

The Advantco SFDC adapter is an adapter for SAP HANA Smart Data Integration (SDI), its purpose is to batch load or to replicate changed data in real time from to the SAP HANA tables.

This blog describes in detail how to replicate Account data from in HANA tables.

2. Adapter Architecture

The SFDC Adapter acts as a bridge. It open a connection to the Salesforce and read the source data and translate the values into the Hana datatype value.


3. Key features

Below are some of main features covered by this adapter.

  • SQL Query execution: SFDC Adapter convert the SAP HANA SQL syntax to SOQL syntax automatically
  • Virtual Table as a Source
  • Real-time change data capture (CDC).
  • Support SOAP/Bulk API
  • Bi-directional updates.

4. Account Retrieval Use Case

The goal is to make this data of Account on Salesforce available in SAP HANA by Querying the remote Account via Virtual table (data is not physically moved to the cloud, but remains in its original source.)

4.1. Create a Remote Source

Go to the workbench catalog:


Save and click Test connection:

We can browse the metadata tables which are provided by the adapter, each table correspond to one sObject.

4.2. Grant privileges for _SYS_REPO

Execute the sql statement below:


The result as below:

4.3. Create a Virtual Table

After creating a Salesforce remote source, we can create a virtual table to retrieve data for account as below:

Input virtual table name and select “ADVANTCO_SFDC” for schema

Go to “ADVANTCO_SFDC” schema and refresh “Tables” node:

4.4. Query on Virtual table

Open the SQL console, input and run the sql statement with the result as below:

5. Account Replication Use Case

The goal is to make this data of Account on Salesforce available in SAP HANA by using replication task feature

5.1. Create a Replication Task

Go to the workbench editor:

Create the Replication task as below:

Input the name:

Select the remote source, the target schema:

Select “Account” remote table and choose “Initial load only” for the preplication behaviour.

For more detail about Replication behaviour, please refer:


5.2. Run replication task

After save the replication task, click run task with the result as below:

5.3. View result

After the replication task done, go to the “ADVANTCO_SFDC” schema to open content of “RT_Account” Table with the result as bellow:


6. Summary

With Advantco SFDC for SAP HANA SDI, it is possible to pull Salesforce data directly into your HANA tables. This eliminates the need for workaround solutions using intermediate databases.


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  1. Bill Georgas



    Can you please explain if the Data Provisioning Agent needs to be installed on the Salesforce customer instance?

    I am trying to identify how connection is established into the Salesforce SaaS Data Centre, any architecture artefacts depicting this would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.



    1. Peter Ha Post author

      Hi Bill,


      the Provisioning Agent installing is outside the Salesforce instance, usually it is installed on dedicated server. There is no need for to install anything on Salesforce side.

      This blog gives a good explanation:


      kind regards.


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