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SAP TechEd 2017 – A Speaker Preparing for TechEd

My strange way of doing things.   MMMMMMWhahaha  (That’s my best evil laugh)    I thought since I promised no more blogs about my session – I’d let you know what I do to prepare or MY personal Secrets.   I’m sure no one else does this. (Sarcasm here)    Let me tell you everyone has their own way….   But since you never asked – I figured I’d let you know mine.

To start – create an “outline”

To begin with all non-sap type people submitted a brief outline of our session(s).   They go through a magic process where some get chosen and some don’t.   I submit – oh about a hundred.   Not really.   I think this year I submitted three different ideas.   And one got picked.  If you want to speak submit more than one!

Wait and forget

Then I waited.  I had even forgotten that I submitted anything.   BUT – then I got contacted that one of my sessions had been selected.   Now to read the session outline and try to remember what I was thinking when I wrote it.  Always fun.   But I was so excited that I got selected.  Time for me to get serious.

Create the session material

So I had my outline – that outline that I had to follow.   The next deadline was for the presentation itself.   So I spent time putting it together.   Changing slides – putting it together again.   Bother co-workers.  And yes, making changes.   Finally, I had something that I liked!  I submitted it to the speaker site.   Once done – I was done right?

Not so fast.  Examples Next

Next I had to put together my “canned” examples / demos.   My speech would be totally boring without them.    I started canning them after a failure at one of the TechEds – I couldn’t connect to my work via VPN.   Then I could, but it wasn’t fast enough.   So I ended up presenting just using my slides.  Not my ideal way of doing things.

So now I create the examples via software.   I created more examples/demo then I will eventually present.   I stop and edit along the way.  It is not a fast process.

Also – I have to check and double check that I’m not using any of  my company’s data.

So done now?   Oh no – not yet.  Practice and find the audience

I am a person who likes to practice and then practice some more.   But where to get that needed audience?   See the pictures below – I’m sure they all loved the speech.   OK some of them were sleeping and some left – but I’m sure they found it interesting.

The two girls said they loved it.  Gemma and Mohawk  were suitably impressed.   Monster – well I think he found it entertaining



But the winner of the audience – decided my printer was a good place to listen from.  The great Spike!  He was learning ABAP by sitting beside the book.   Extra points for him!

So now you have my biggest and best secret – a great audience to practice on.  I don’t give my horses my speech as I can’t bring my computer out there safely.  So they miss out.  They are very sad – I’m sure.

Why do all this?

Yes, most of it is in my free time.   I do it not just because the free Teched.  (It’s for lecture only and no travel or food reimbursement – if you are curious.)     Although free teched is a good reason to do all this.   I do it because I hope just one person goes away from my session and has learned one thing!   If you go to my sessions – you’ll probably hear me say that.

And that is the rainbow at the end!  Helping others and being helped.   When they ask a question I learn something new.   Or I see something in a different way.

And if you find me at Teched – stop and say HI!   As I’ve said before I’m a natural introvert, but I push myself to do more.

Tuesday is going to be interesting for me as I have 2 sessions back to back – Same presentation – that’s good.   But any other day – I’ll stop and chat!

And – sigh the older I get the less I want my picture taken.   I didn’t smile and I figure if I’m not chatting I’ll be moving through halls – not smiling.   So I took some pictures this morning.   Most of the time my hair is pulled back.   Anyway here I am:


What are your speaking/presenting tips?   I’m sure most of us do this during work.  I actually like presenting to people I don’t know.   I think it’s easier.

Anyone – Any new reasons to head out to Teched?   There is still someone out there not sure if they should go.

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Ah Michelle Crapo you look fantastic!  I hope to see you.  Are you sure Spike was interested?  Love the names Mohawk and Gemma.  Good luck at your presentation

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo
      Blog Post Author

      Of course he was interested – he wasn’t yawning or anything.    He was sitting right beside an ABAP Objects book.   Soon I expect that he will be able to do all my work for me.   I’ll just laze around (Like a cat) and assume he is doing a great job.   I’ll have to get him a special keyboard though.

      I hope to see you as well!   It was fun putting my furry family members (inside ones at least) into the blog.!   Monster's real name is Geronimo.   I just have always called him Monster and he is a big cuddle bear!