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With the September 2017 monthly releases of Cloud Platform Integration customers have the option to transport Integration Packages across Tenants using CTS+ based system.

If you are an organization using SAP’s CTS+ On-premise system and have two Cloud Platform Integration tenants test and production and would like to design and test an integration flow only on the test landscape. In such a situation the new transport feature enables you transport the integration package from the test to the production landscape via your central transport environment CTS+.

The existing mechanism of transporting using manual export and import continues to be supported.

Settings to be done to enable CTS+ based transport

  1. You should enable transport to CTS+. As a Tenant Admin (having Tenant Admin Role) you can do this by accessing Settings Option and choosing the tab Transport Settings. You would have to choose CTS+ from the dropdown list.
  2. Enable the service, Solutions Lifecycle Management in your account. Ensure that you perform this step in all the accounts where you want to use content transport using CTS+. This is a one-time activity. You can do that by
    1. Login to your account in the SAP Cloud Platform.
    2. Choose Services   Solutions Lifecycle Management  .
    3. Choose Enable.
  3. Create a new HTTP destination by selecting Configure Destinations. Ensure that the Name of the destination is CloudIntegration (case-sensitive) and the URL is the URL of the tenant management node


  1. This is the source system Tenant URL in our example Test Tenant URL from which you want to transport content. The Tenant Management URL can be obtained from the accounts cockpit which lists the applications that are subscribed.
  2. The user credentials that you have used in the destination should be a member of the tenant management node account from which you want to transport content.
  3. Ensure that this user that you are using for authentication has the Role IntegrationContent.Transport
  1. Ensure that all Integration developers who would be transporting content have the Role IntegrationContent.Transport

Transporting the Content using CTS+

The mtar file

  1. In the Source Tenant select the integration package that you want to transport.
  2. Choose Transport. This option is available if you have done Setting 1 and 4 above.
  3. In the Transport Comments prompt, provide comments and choose Transport.
  4. A file with extension mtar is downloaded to your local file system in the download path configured in your browser. This would happen if you have done your settings 2 and 3 above.

Importing the mtar in CTS+ and releasing it / importing it from import queue to Target Tenant

  1. Configure your Application Type for Cloud Platform Integration.
  2. Configure the transport landscape
  3. Attach the mtar file to your transport request and release the request to your target system
  4. Import the transport request with the Integration Package content into your target system.

Refer the documentation Change Management with CTS+ for more information.

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  1. Ashish Goel

    Nice feature added in CPI. Do we need to transport complete package every time or we can transport just i-flow as well.

    Also, where can we see transports history.




  2. Rajesh Kumar

    Hi Sabarish – Thanks for sharing the above new feature availability in SCP.

    Is the version of tmn should be 2.31.8+ for using this feature?

    Where we can get the document link for this feature for knowing more details.

    Thanks & Regard




  3. Amarendra Gangulakunta

    Hi Sabarish,

    I am getting the error “Unable to fetch the status of MTAR file creation” while exporting the Integration content artefact by using the ‘Transport’ button over there. Any idea what could be the reason?


    Thanks & Regards,


  4. Rajasekhar reddy

    Hi Amar and Michael,

    I’m also getting the same error “Unable to fetch the status of MTAR file creation”. If you found any solution for this please help me..


    Thanks in advance..





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