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Strike the perfect work/life balance – an interview with working mom Kelly Mocey

Strike the perfect work/life balance. We want our employees to love it here, so all work and no play is just not an option. We offer flexible work schedules, opportunities to work from home, time off for volunteering, and so much more. Get the freedom you need to work at your best – with plenty of time for what matters to you most.

This statement was one of the many things Kelly Mocey, a senior recruiter in Talent Acquisition North America, read when researching SAP as an employer, and one of the many reasons Kelly was inspired to join us last year. As a working mom with three young children, working hard and playing hard is the Mocey family credo and SAP’s Bring Everything You Are, Become Everything You Want culture allows Kelly to easily manage all aspects of her busy life. Read on to learn how Kelly brings everything she is.

What made you decide to apply to SAP?

I was content in my former job when the role with SAP became available. I knew of SAP already from working in global IT recruitment but in recent years all the branding around being an employer of choice and employee testimonials I had read made SAP stand out to me. I knew I owed it to myself to apply if a role in my field became available.

What research did you do prior to applying?

I read a lot online (SAP website, press releases, Glassdoor, etc.) about SAP and was attracted because of the established reputation for embracing hard work, ingenuity, collaboration and a great work/life balance. But I also reached out to people that work at SAP. One of my SAP connections whose opinion I value greatly is a working mother herself and she confirmed from her own experience how supportive of environment SAP is for working parents.

Many companies tell you that they’re a great place to work and the reality is that things aren’t always what they seem. This isn’t the case at SAP. It was clear from my research, and countless testimonials, that they walked-the-walk.

What does your role entail?

I get to talk to candidates all day about how awesome SAP is! I do often find candidates are apologetic for having to arrange interviews around childcare, and this gives me an opportunity to talk about how SAP is the right destination for them as here you don’t have to make apologies for having a life outside of the office.

In addition to engaging the external market, I also work with internal employees looking to broaden their horizons within the company. I get to partner with client groups and help them build their recruitment strategy – from those just starting in their management journey, to COO level and anywhere in between.

I also get to be a part of larger projects and initiatives – for example People Week Resume Review, SAP’s Autism at Work program, different branding initiatives, the support of women returning to the workforce and many more. I am so much more than just a recruiter here and am so grateful for a culture and manager that embraces that!

How have you experienced the work-life balance culture of SAP first hand?

Within my first month I worked on a high-profile staffing need for an internal vice president. The best candidate for the job was an internal candidate who was soon due to go on maternity leave. The male hiring manager was so accommodating of this and enabled her return to work as smooth as possible. This is just one example of SAP’s supportive culture, and this is something I continue to witness on a daily basis.

On a recent occasion, I had to decline a call with a client group to take my 2 year old son to the hospital for an EKG. I reached out to the manager to explain, and went on with my day. This manager informed his team as to what was going on, and each individual person contacted me to offer support and send well wishes to my son. This was totally unexpected, but very much appreciated and uplifting during this scary time.

And it’s not just working moms that benefit from SAPs family-friendly culture. Male colleagues are entitled to paternity leave, and one of my own teammates has recently returned from his own leave after taking some extended time at home to be with his family. I do not hear or see of this offered many places -it is quite amazing!

Who inspires you at SAP?

By witnessing inspirational leaders within SAP champion gender gaps – from Jen Morgan to my own manager, both working mothers, and even client groups who emphasize work-life balance in their messaging to prospective hires, I find inspiration from all levels at SAP.

What advice do you have for other working mothers?

Things don’t always go as planned; a sitter may call off, a child may get sick, you may be late for a meeting due to a toddler meltdown… The list goes on. There is no manual, but we (mothers) somehow get through it. It may not always be pretty – but I find personally that if I am positive, consistent, humble and genuine in my life and interactions with others – things will get done, and you will have the support you need to get through the tough times. Support others, and they will do the same.

I also think it is important to take a time out every once in a while – whether it’s a nap, a walk, mediation or losing yourself in a good book – completely shutdown and walk away from your phone and laptop. You will come back refreshed, and be a better mom and employee for it. It’s important to put ourselves first, too, every once in a while.

What does success mean to you?

Success to me is growing in some form – whether personally or professionally. After doing the same thing for so many years elsewhere, I felt I knew all I needed to know in my area of expertise. However, I have been challenged at SAP. I have learned new ways of approaching things and have gained new skills in the broader HR and Talent Acquisition arena; and likewise some of my recommendations and suggestions have been embraced by others across the team. Being only a year in with the company, I have felt welcome and respected from day one which has enabled me to experience success here at SAP.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

This is the first time in my career I don’t wonder what else is out there. This is where I’m meant to be.


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