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Enable Note Assistant to Support Digitally Signed SAP Notes

SAP is making SAP Notes more secure by ensuring all SAP Notes are digitally signed. The SAP Notes files can get maliciously modified and the customer unknowingly can upload the maliciously modified SAP Notes files into their ABAP systems. Therefore, SAP plans to deliver all SAP Notes files with digital signature to protect SAP Notes files with increased authenticity and improved security. We strongly recommend customers to upload only digitally signed SAP Note files.

Post January 1, 2020, the download and upload process will stop working unless Note Assistant (SNOTE transaction) is enabled in ABAP systems to work with digitally signed SAP Notes.

We offer a guided approach which bundles all the actions required into an SAP Note 2836302, saving you considerable amount of time. Please refer the PDF attached to SAP Note 2836302.

Else, find the details of the individual steps that needs to be performed below: 

1. All relevant SAP Notes are implemented in your ABAP systems.

  • To enable Note Assistant (SNOTE) for downloading and uploading digitally signed SAP Notes, please implement SAP Notes  24080732546220 and 2508268.
  • An equivalent Transport-Based Correction Instruction (TCI) is available as SAP Note 2576306 containing the SAP Notes 24080732546220 and 2508268. If the Note Assistant in your ABAP system is enabled for TCI, It is recommended to implement TCI SAP Note 2576306 instead of applying the above individual SAP Notes.

2.  For SAP_BASIS Releases 740 and above, you have enabled one of the following procedures for SAP Notes download: HTTP protocol or Download serviceRFC protocol for download will not be allowed for SAP_BASIS Releases 740 and above.

3. For SAP_BASIS Releases 700 to 731, generic user used in RFC destination is replaced with  S-user (recommended Technical Communication User).

The digitally signed SAP Notes are available as SAR files. All SAP Notes downloaded through SAP ONE Support Launchpad are digitally signed SAR files.

The Note Assistant tool will use the SAPCAR utility on the application server to verify the digital signature of the uploaded SAP Note. Please ensure required patch level of SAPCAR executable is available on your system. If not, the digital signature verification fails and the files are not extracted. Once you have implemented the above SAP Notes, you may test the working of upload of digitally signed SAP Note feature by uploading a sample SAR file attached  to the SAP Security Note 2408073. Further details about enabling Note Assistant to support digitally signed SAP Notes are described in the user guide attached to the SAP Security Note 2408073.

Refer to the table below for a quick check on what this means for you:

If your SAP_BASIS release is… The impact for you starting 2020… How you can be prepared…
700 or below SAPOSS/SAPNOTE will not work. Manually upload SAP Note as .txt. ABAP systems can not be enabled to consume digitally signed SAP Notes automatically, hence manual process needs to be followed.
700 to 731 SAPOSS/SAPSNOTE will work only with S-user (recommended Technical Communication User)
  • For continuing using RFC procedure for download, replace OSS_RFC user in SAPOSS/SAPSNOTE with S-user. Recommendation is to use Technical Communication User


  • Use Download Service as an alternative
740 and above SAPOSS/SAPSNOTE will not work Enable one of the following download procedures:

  • HTTPS protocol (The SAP kernel must be 7.42 PL400 above)


  • Use Download Service as an alternative


Watch out the Note Assistant Page on SAP Support Portal, for the latest updates.

For more details please refer:

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  • Hi,

    we implemented the Download Service using TCI Note 0002576306. Report RCWB_UNSIGNED_NOTE_CONFIG was used to set “Do not download unsigned SAP Note”

    Report RCWB_SNOTE_DWNLD_PROC_CONFIG was used to set “Download service Application” as download procedure. When testing corresponding RFC to we get response 400 (Bad request).

    Nevertheless, we receive the error message “E:SCWN:810 SAP_DOWNLOAD_SERVICE” when trying to download a note which needs the download service (e.g. 2538018).

    Any suggestions?



    • Hi Mark,

      Apologies for the delayed response. I hope issue is resolved by now, if not  please raise a ticket on component BC-UPG-NA. It helps us analyse the issue more effectively.

      Best Regards,



  • Hi Priti,

    To enable Note Assistant (SNOTE) for downloading and uploading digitally signed SAP Notes, we need to implement SAP Notes  2408073, 2546220 and 2508268.And 2554853 is required for Download system if we want to use Download Service applications.

    After implementing above SAP notes, RCWB_SNOTE_DWNLD_PROC_CONFIG will enable 3 select procedure to Download SAP note –

    1) Remote Functional Call (RFC)  –> This option will use SAPOSS ABAP RFC connection with OSS_RFC user and will be used in case of fallback to Download of Unassigned SAP Notes ?

    2) HTTP Protocol  –> Both RFC connections will be generated automatically or we need to create both RFC manually ?
    a) RFC Destination (H Type) for SAP Support Portal
    b) RFC Destination (G Type) for SAP Note Download

    3) Download Service Application –> Which one is better Option -> Option-2 (HTTP Protocol) or Option-3 (Download Service Application) for Digitally signed SAP Notes.



  • Hi Priti,

    Thanks a lot for providing the note 2836302. It would have made it much easier for us to setup up Support Backbone Update if we would have found that note and report earlier. We have found a lot of erros which have been fixed in the last weeks. So my question is if it makes sense to wait some more weeks in the hope that all fixes get also included into the report of note 2836302?

    We have done nearly all configruation steps manuelly and now we use the report to detect if we have forgotten any task.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


  • Hello Priti,

    Thank you for this information. We have followed your Note 2836202 and completed the steps (screenshot attached). However, it is not clear if there is a test to confirm that Digital Notes are actually enabled. Is there a test or report that we can run to confirm this? Thank you!

    Raja Gopalan


    • You can try downloading SAP Note 2424539 (test note) and then double click on the note number, open the “Note Log”, now you should see the message that states that “Digitally signed SAP Note 0002424539 0007” note was downloaded or something similar as “S:SCWN:824 0002424539 0007”

      If you get either of those messages, that indicates your configuration is correct.

      Best regards,