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Remote Conversion of standard model to SAP BPC 11.0, version for SAP BW/4HANA

Among numbers of BPC 11.0 customers, quite some of them are already using BPC 10.0 or 10.1 NW(or even older releases of BPC NW) for their planning or consolidation process. It’s fairly important to understand how to migrate and convert existing customer BPC data into our new BPC product on new BW/4HANA platform.


What is conversion

  • Convert from NetWeaver platform to BW/4HANA platform
  • Convert old BW objects to BW/HANA complaint objects
    • Info-cube                  -> aDSOs
    • DSOs                       -> aDSOs
    • Multi-provider           -> Composite Providers
    • Etcs.
  • BPC data migration


Remote Conversion & In-Place Conversion

Remote conversion means conversion of BPC data from one source system (i.e. BPC 10.1 NW) to target system(i.e. BPC 11.0 )

  • Almost no downtime for source system
  • No risk of potential data lost
  • Easy to compare data after conversion
  • Extra cost to setup a whole new system (hardware & software) from scratch

In-Place Conversion means conversion of BPC data directly in the same system and upgrade the system to BPC 11.0 and BW/4HANA.

  • No extra IT investment (of purchasing new hardware)
  • No big data moving between systems
  • Downtime needed, very much depending on data size


Remote conversion for BPC standard

With BPC 11.0 SP01( released by end of July, 2017), we are now able to do remote conversion for BPC standard model( BPC 10.0 NW and BPC 10.1 NW standard).

Remote conversion of standard is done through the well known ‘Backup & Restore Tool’ of BPC, the steps is very simple:

  1. Backup an environment from BPC 10.x NW system
  2. Restore the environment into BPC 11.0 system.


  • Source BPC 10.x NW system can be either HANA or non-HANA. After restore, environment will be HANA optimized automatically.
  • Before restore environment into BPC 11.0, please install the system properly and complete all the post-installation steps according to installation guide.
  • To void potential error, please also make sure the system level settings ( IMG setting through tcode SPRO) shall be identical between BPC 11.0 and your BPC 10.x NW source system. All users exist in your source system shall be created in BW/4HAHNA system as well.
  • Restored environment is ready to use, no more action needed.
  • UJBR only take care of BPC related data at environment level, custom created objects need to be moved to new BPC 11.0 system manually, including:
    • Info-providers used as BPC data source
    • DTP
    • Custom process chain
    • BAdI implementations
  • For more information, please refer to note 2510414 or Conversion Guide
  • SAP BPC 7.5 NW customers need to first upgrade to BPC 10.1 NW.


What come next

In-Place Conversion for both BPC standard and embedded is planned for the following BPC 11.0 support packages. Please stay tuned for upcoming blogs.

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    • Hi Srikanth,

      BPC 10.1 will only support BW 7.40 and BW 7.50. We will have in-place conversion tool been released as well.

      Best regards, William

  • Hi William, is it correct, that a remote conversion from BPC10.1 optimized on S/4 HANA to a new BPC 11.0 on BW/4 HANA is currently not possible and not planned for the near future?

    Does this mean that if a customer wants to move from BPC 10.1 optimized to BPC11.0, the customer would have to completely rebuild the BPC 11.0 planning application?

    Would it be possible to at least transport objects from the embedded BW (on S/4 HANA) to the new BW/4? If so, would it be a prerequisite for a transport to convert e.g. Cubes to ADSOs?

    Can ADSOs be the basis for a BPC model in BPC 10.1?

    Thank you and best regards,


    • Hi Christoph,

      At the moment this scenario is NOT supported. It's mainly due to fact that data used in BPC optimized is not really stored on BW side, but in S/4 table. The virtual access from BPC/BW to S/4 can't be converted to BW/4HANA platform since there is no version of S/4HANA sits on BW/4HANA.

      It's not necessary to be a complete rebuilding,  but there will be a lot of manual work for sure. Transport might be possible in the sense.

      BPC 11 is using ADSOs for sure.


      Best regards, William

  • Hello,

    I have a question about below italic sentence :

    If we apply bpc 10.1 classic remote conversion to bpc 11.0 classic ( which is on BW4Hana) , can we use the previous Badi implementations from 10.1 system just by moving manually ( like create,copy,paste)? Is there a restriction for Badi's on BW4Hana ?

    UJBR only take care of BPC related data at environment level, custom created objects need to be moved to new BPC 11.0 system manually, including :

    • BAdI implementations


    • Hi Gunes,

      In general, old implementations should be still work. But it also depends on what internal APIs of BPC have been called. Since there are some changes calling BW APIs, it's highly recommended to have a full test after conversion.

      Best regards, William

  • Hi William,

    We did a conversion using Transaction code UJBR and the users didn’t copied over to BW/HANA, we had a warning message “xxx user does not exist in source system BW/HANA. Everything migrated successfully. Could this be  because we restored from Production into BW/4HANA Development and the user's didn't exits in the old Dev?