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If you want to build a technology company apps are still a great option. There might be millions available right now but think of the ideas yet to be uncovered. It’s likely there will always be room for a business capable of solving a new problem.

Unfortunately, it’s not ideas that will stop you from succeeding. There are lots of other reasons and a bad design is one of them. You need to follow a few rules and we’re going to discuss some of the more important ones.

You Don’t Need To Reinvent The Wheel

Take a look at many of the free design resources online and you’ll notice something strange. It’s likely you’ve seen most of their offerings before, but it’s not because those places don’t offer any value.

It’s simply because the designs work and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Keep that in mind when you’re trying to build an app. Your future customers will prefer something similar to what they already know.

Users Need To Perform Certain Actions

I’m sure you’d like your app to look pretty, but what your customers see isn’t the thing you should focus your energy on. Apps only work when users perform certain actions no matter what it looks like.

If you don’t design apps with this in mind they’ll end up making a lot less money. Even basic psychology like getting people to click on things in order to make ads and in-app purchases more appealing comes into play.

Pay Lots Of Attention To The Text

Do you know how everyone always says content is king? In regards to apps, it could be true, but it’s not what the content says. Instead, it’s got everything to do with the design of the text itself.
Take a look at some popular apps and you’ll see they don’t contain anything that’s too difficult to understand. If nobody can read the copy an app isn’t going to do well, but it should look a little special too.

Learn All About Different Colors

The colors companies pick aren’t an accident and they have the ability to grow brands. Every color means something different and evokes certain emotions when people look at it. You need to know how it all works.

It’s not simply about choosing one color as you’ll likely have two or three main ones. They all need to fit together perfectly. Get the colors wrong and your app could have little effect on users.

Be Good Enough At Different Roles

You don’t have to receive funding to build an app, but sometimes you do need money. If you don’t it’s likely you’ll have to create the app yourself. You will have to take on design roles usually shared among a team.

If you’re lacking in one area you’ll need to increase your skill set. We did say there are still lots of opportunities left, but only if every part of the app is designed well enough.

Do Your Best Not To Ignore These

There are other crucial things you’ll need to know when designing an app, but you won’t get far if you fail to get these right. Keep them in the back of your mind from start to finish and you’ll do fine.

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