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Of course there’s the WebIDE that provides helpful code completion features when editing UI5 controllers (*.js) or views (*.xml).

Then there’s WebStorm, the IDE of choice for many developers – for various reasons: from support of a large tooling ecosystem up to killer editing features (ctrl+G!). But WebStorm is unfortunately (still) lacking native UI5 support…so, community to the rescue!

What’s missing? Right, UI5 code completion for Controllers/JS-files. Until today 🙂

Here you go: ui5-codecompletion, a node module helping to provide…well…code completion when editing UI5 *.js-files in WebStorm.

In essence, ui5-codecompletion downloads, extracts and plugs UI5 sources into WebStorm’s JavaScript Library Scope.

Quick How-To:

  1. Install the npm module: npm install -g ui5-codecompletion
  2. navigate to your UI5 project root dir in a shell: cd ~/your/UI5/project
  3. in the shell, fire away: ui5-codecompletion install
  4. (watch & wait)
  5. do the one-time WebStorm config as described in
  6. Open up $some.controller.js and enjoy ctrl+Space UI5 code completion

UI5 code completion

Now go code faster as never before 🙂

PS: ui5-codecompletion is under the WTFPL, so feel free to port/use however you want.

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    1. Mauricio Lauffer

      I gotta say, Robin’s solution still the best and simplest one…
      Why would I add another global npm plugin + manual steps if I can do the same with just a couple of manual steps?

      1. Volker Buzek Post author

        For me it was simply having to work on different projects with different UI5 versions, including switching to different versions during development; all of that combined with offline capable development on the road. Was just easier for me to do this with a quick shell command instead of adjusting WebStorm config. But hey, to each his own, whatever works best for you.



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