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If you have been following Ginger on SCN to check out updates on C4C education, you need to probably take a U-turn and start following me, because here is where I am going to give you the updates from now onwards.

Edit May 16, 2017: Announcing New Courses in SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer Curriculum

The following is a list of non-SAP professionals who have been certified in C4C30. Congrats to those listed below! I’ve linked your names to your SCN profiles – but if you have passed and I have the wrong link for your name, please just post the link in the comments and I’ll fix it. If your name is here, and I have not linked you to your profile, that means that there is at least one more person who shares your name, and I am not sure which one is you. Please post your profile link in the comments, and I will add it. If you’ve passed and don’t see your name, post a note, and I’ll check it against our records.

For questions on certifications please check these excellent blogs by Ginger:

My first experience taking the C4C certification test

C4C Certification

Updated as of September 6, 2017.

The list of the certified professionals have become so long that I had to move them to separate pages. Congratulations to everyone! This is great for the SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer community.

List of C4C10 certified professionals

List of C4C12 certified professionals

List of C4C14 certified professionals

List of C4C50 certified professionals

Achim Werner
Alejandro Kinsbrunner
Aleksandr Balakhontsau
Alessandro Iannacci
Alexandre Kaminagakura
Anas Alalwan
Andrei Vishnevsky
Andrew Griffin
Astrid Burghart
Bernadette König
Bhushan Jawale
Bruno Henrique Hjort
Burak Balkaya
Chandan Bankar
Chirag Kalra
Chun Wei Ooi
Daniel Meyer
Daniela Consonni
Debasish Mahunta
De Luca Davide contributes in the Cloud Application Studio space and C4C
Denis Aksenov
Dominik Kohout
Edison Ng Kah Yong
Edmund Chua
Emanuele Bucci
Evgenii Skrebtcov
Fabian Egner
Felix Stanzel
Florian Renz
Francesco Rovico
Gauri Nargunde
Gerald Igel
Ghanshyam K Kamani
Heiko Samlowski
Irene Faustinelli
Jasmin Krammer
Jaya Sawnani
Jian Liu
Joan Miro
Jonathan Gilbert
Kamil Glod
Karthi Dhayalan
Kassandra Roth
Kelvin Yap
Kevin Alcock
Kimberly Chu
Komal Choudhary
Lissah Blommaert
Matheswaran Thangavelu
Mathias Krüger

Michal Pospisil contributes in the Cloud Application Studio space and C4C

Ming Li

Mirela-Gratiela Tomescu

Mithun Suthar

Mohammed Abdulkarim

Mohammed Quddus
Mohd Sirajuddin
Nicolas Hanlet
Olegs Tovstenko
Patrick Schilling
Peeyush Pallav

Peter James-Hamilton

Peter Zay
Praveen Bandaru
Rahul Kumar
Rajiv Juarbal
Roberto Cabezas
Roxana Iliescu
Sai Santosh K
Sai Venkatesh Lokesh Munnaluru
Said Moshref
Sam Hepworth
Sandeep Salaria
Sander Voeten
Santosh Vanakudre
Saruchi Pathela
Saurabh K Shrivastava
Sebastian Krotz
Soma Yadla
Stefan Schreiner
Steffen Kollosche
Subir Sharma
Suchita Phulkar
Swagatika Swain
Szymon Sanocki
Tek Siong Hock
Thomas Demmer
Vishnu Prasad S
Wolfgang Pfeifer
Yuliya Krasnova
Yinwen Zou
Yulia Hahanava
Yuni Uminsah


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