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Author's profile photo Mauricio Lauffer

My SAP Fiori Certifications Experience (C_SAPXIMP_20 and C_FIORDEV_20)


How was my experience to get both SAP Fiori Certifications (C_SAPXIMP_20 and C_FIORDEV_20) and the differences between them…



Let’s go straight to business and after we can talk about other stuff…


You might have noticed there are two SAP Fiori Certifications:


C_SAPXIMP_20 – SAP Fiori Implementation and Configuration

As the name suggests, it’s only about configuration! You won’t see any code here, no JavaScript at all. This certification could fit both ABAP and Basis people.

You’ll answer questions about the setup for SAP Gateway, PFCG roles, SAP Fiori Launchpad, etc. Also, questions about Fiori app types (Transactional, Factsheet and Analytical) and Fiori architecture. Do not bother studying code, focus on setup and architecture, this exam is all about it.

If you have a lot of experience on SAP Fiori/SAP Gateway implementation/configuration, this exam should be easy for you, you won’t need to study toooooooo much. If you have no experience, but you’ve studied enough, you’ll be able to pass this certification. I’ve seen people getting certified with ZERO experience, people who NEVER create a Catalog before. Those guys dedicated a lot of time on studying!

IMO, this exam is pretty easy. The questions are not complex and most of them are quite obvious. But, yes, few questions will try to trick you, just pay attention…



C_FIORDEV_20 – SAP Fiori Application Developer

This certification was released on April/2017, if I’m not mistaken. It’s brand new and it was made for developers… with more than just UI5 coding skills…

I thought this certification would be easy. I was confident. I’ve created so many custom Fiori apps before. “This one won’t take long”, how wrong I was… After the 5 first questions I started to think “F#ck!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to fail!!!”.

The first topic was all about Design Thinking and UX. After this, the topic was Fiori strategy and guidelines and I started to breath again…

This certification is super complete! It’ll test all the skills that someone who puts “SAP Fiori Developer” on his Linkedin profile should know. It has tons of questions about OData, data binding and UI5 extensibility. You’ll see some questions about cloud and SAP Web IDE (which I don’t use, I prefer another IDE). Also, there are questions about SAPUI5 framework, its bootstraps and libraries, some code snippets to read and say what’s going on there. Ah, get ready to answer questions about HAT and Kapsel plugins you have never used before! There was even a question about creating a custom SAP Fiori Client!

The best and most surprising topic was testing! This part was really clever and I believe it’s going to be the toughest one for ABAPers who are playing with Fiori now. An average ABAPer has never written an unit test in his life! Let alone javascript tests with QUnit + OPA5. The exam has questions about the concept and pieces of code to be examined.




Despite I’ve loved this certification, I gotta say something. The official documentation and samples for the exam have a lot of issues! It might be because it’s a new certification, maybe it hasn’t passed by the same amount of reviews as the others. But the fact is: there are issues which will mislead people!!!


For instance, take the official exam sample. Question 10.


It says OPA5 offers the following test options: Development tests and Load tests. But it isn’t true!!! It’s wrong!!! OPA5 offers Navigation tests and User Interaction test!

Have a look at the OPA5 page! “This makes OPA especially helpful for testing user interactions, integration with OpenUI5 , navigation, and data binding.


You’ll find more of this in the books UX402/UX410/etc.

The official documentation makes you sick sometimes… They say all the time we should consider SAPUI version 1.38 for the exam. In one chapter they are talking about manifest.json and stuff from SAPUI5 ~1.38 and in the next one they use all examples from SAPUI5 1.28v which DOES NOT have manifest.json and handles routers in a totally different way. Getting you totally confused, if you aren’t used to those changes.




I wrote this blog to share my journey to be SAP Fiori Certified. I hope it helps some people to decide which exam they should take and to get a glimpse of what is waiting for them…

How do I prepared myself to both exams? SAP Learning Hub! I checked the certifications’ content on the official page and I spent more time on the most important topics. I created lots of SAPUI5/OpenUI5 apps for customers and just for fun, to practice some new skill or a different control…

I also published 2 OpenUI5 custom libraries to be used by the community. You can check them on the OpenUI5 related projects page:

I know… I have to invest some time to write a better README file and a blog post for them…



I hope you have enjoyed it and let me know the results if you decide to take the exam   🙂


Image result for alright brain i don t like you simpsons


PS: yes, I spent more time looking for memes than writing the blog…


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience, i was pondering the decision to take or not the certification exam. Will pass for now since it has such degree of inconsistencies.

      Albeit i appreciate SAP has finally released Cert exams for FIORI and SAPUI5, it is sad to see there is some polishing to do before it could be considered complete.

      Author's profile photo Christian Tapia
      Christian Tapia

      Thanks for sharing Mauricio.

      I’d have liked you posted this before, because I took the C_FIORDEV_20 exam on September 1.

      Hopefully I passed, but as you said, there are a lot of inconsistencies in the learning material, so for those who are going to take this exam you should be aware of these issues.


      Christian T.

      Author's profile photo emma megan
      emma megan

      Thank you for sharing this, deep prep with books and practice with exercises can help to achieve best score. I have passed the exam FIORDEV in Jan 2019.

      At a last moment, I got to know about C_FIORDEV_20 online practice exams which helped me to boost confidence to answer each question. I will add this post to my guide as I have many exams in pipeline. I will follow this!

      Author's profile photo Cristiano Marques
      Cristiano Marques

      Thanks Mauricio for sharing your experience. I had similar impression about C_SAPXIMP_20 test. Now I´m studying for C_FIORDEV_20 test.

      Author's profile photo Michael Holman
      Michael Holman

      Hi Mauricio,

      you are correct, the sample item #10 is faulty. We will correct the sample items document asap.

      You mentioned that the official documentation and samples for the exam have a lot of issues.

      May I ask you to contact me on this issue?

      Thanks, Michael


      Author's profile photo Vijay Chintarlapalli
      Vijay Chintarlapalli


      Not just the Item 10 there are many confusion about the topics and courses names mentioned in the official training link especially about the UX402 and Ux410 topics



      Author's profile photo Mauricio Lauffer
      Mauricio Lauffer
      Blog Post Author

      I haven't taken notes on all the issues I found in the documentation. I'd need to go through all the courses again...

      But I remember one: it's said the exam is based on SAPUI5 1.38v, but the documents have a mix of examples and explanations in old (before v1.30) and new (after v1.30) version.

      It isn't correct! It could mislead people...

      Author's profile photo Ashok Dhayalaraj
      Ashok Dhayalaraj



      Thanks a lot for your useful and wonderful blog, I am planning to do my developer certification in the month of December and am studying the material given in the learning hub. Please let me know where I could get some good sample questions/previous exam papers?




      Author's profile photo Mauricio Lauffer
      Mauricio Lauffer
      Blog Post Author

      I don't know any place to get material/samples for the exam... Just Learning Hub

      Author's profile photo Vijay Chintarlapalli
      Vijay Chintarlapalli

      Hello ,

      Thanks for the informative blog ,However i am confused if the below link and the topics mentioned di match the course number like UX402 and UX410.

      Also were there any questions on the launch pad configurations as i dont see any mention about that in the above link.



      Author's profile photo Mauricio Lauffer
      Mauricio Lauffer
      Blog Post Author

      Yes, the topics match the courses, I studied just those listed there.

      No, I haven't seen any question about Launchpad.

      Author's profile photo Vijay Chintarlapalli
      Vijay Chintarlapalli

      I don't think so they match for example.The below content is present under the UX410 but here its given as UX402

      Explain MVC and application architecture, the concept of modules, implement controls using the SAPUI5 framework (standard and custom), and bind Data to a UI5 Control; Describe and work with Key Responsive Design Controls, Translatable Texts, App Descriptor, aggregation binding, Dialogs and Fragments, Expression Binding, Custom Formatting, Filtering, grouping and sorting, and work with diagrams.

      Author's profile photo Ravikiran Marella
      Ravikiran Marella

      Hi Maurico,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and congrats on aching the both tests.

      In the fiori developer test, were there any questions which you consider to be out of the syllabus topics mentioned?

      I'm asking because the recommended course UX 410 consists a lot of topics regarding Launchpad and floorplans, where as the syllabus doesn't even mention them.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      is the certification available on cloud via CER006? i could not see the fee for this cert...

      Author's profile photo Asif Pasha Shaik
      Asif Pasha Shaik

      How can get the UX 410, UX 412 PDF files as I am planning to prepare for the certification.



      Author's profile photo Harald Wilde
      Harald Wilde

      It is confusing.

      If you use, or want to use, the learning hub professional edition to prepare the Fiori Developer Certification, be aware of this:

      The ebooks of the (UX402, UX410) courses (which contain the main learning content) are available as a "col2" (colection 2), which refers to UI5 programming WITHOUT a manifest.json. This stuff is old in practise!

      In the early months of 2018 SAP deleted all exercises from these two col2-ebooks. These exercises are no longer available in the  learning hub. The ebook UX402 is now available -brandnew- as Col3 (which contains exercises refering with usage of the manifest.json. But -  until now its not really clear to me if the certification content refers to col2 or col3.

      And the confusing story goes on: The "brandnew" UX402 col3 is mainly based on the Master-Detail pattern. Today i heard a statement from Kai Richter (SAP Chief Designer for SAP Fiori) who said that the Master-Detail pattern is kind of depricated. SAP itself doesnt use it anymore, because of the new Control called "Flexible Column Layout". 

      Some of my collueges are learning for the ABAP Certification. There it is very clear which Colection is relevant for the Certification (C_TAW12_750 or C_TAW12_740) and the learning material is up2date. In the Fiori development field it isnt (C_FIORDEV_20).


      Author's profile photo Tri Minh Le
      Tri Minh Le

      Thanks Mauricio Lauffer.

      I'm able to pass the exam last Saturday.

      Author's profile photo Krsto Gjergja
      Krsto Gjergja

      Hello Mauricio,

      On the list of  learning materials for  certificat C_FIORADM_21 i found





      My question is  how importan are  adm100  and  adm103  for exam preparation .

      Can you recommend  some Units/lessons   ,from those two courese  as mandatory ,

      or all unites are important .


      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Ankit Maskara
      Ankit Maskara

      Hi Krsto Gjergja ,

      Hope it's not too late 😉

      I read below books and passed the certification successfully.

      1. UX402
      2. UX403
      3. UX410
      4. Ux412
      5. UX100

      PS: I will share my experiences later in a blog

      Author's profile photo Ramzi Abdallah
      Ramzi Abdallah

      Hi Ankit,


      congratulation for the certification.


      Me as well, I want to pass C_FIORADM_21 could you please share the books if that possible.


      Thanks in advance,


      Author's profile photo Ankit Maskara
      Ankit Maskara

      Hi Ramzi,

      Thanks for the appreciation.

      It will be illegal to share the study material and I recommend you to get access to SAP Learning Hub.

      In case of any tips or questions, we are always happy to assist.

      Thanks and Regards.

      Author's profile photo Anoop Bhandari
      Anoop Bhandari

      Hi Ankit,


      First of all a plethora of congratulations for thrive..


      Kindly suggest me what it makes difference to have certification on C_FIORDEV_21 instead of C_FIORDEV_20.


      which one is latest and more helpful?


      will the above mentioned book be enough to clear the exam C_FIORDEV_20 / 21?

      1. UX402
      2. UX403
      3. UX410
      4. Ux412
      5. UX100



      Author's profile photo Ankit Maskara
      Ankit Maskara

      Hi Anoop,


      Thanks a lot.


      Ideally C_FIORDEV_21 should be latest one. You can refer my blog here C_FIORDEV_20.

      This should assist you in preparing for C_FIORIDEV_20. I believe both should be similar with minor variations, but as mentioned I have not checked C_FIORIDEV_21.


      Thanks and Regards.