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Designing your brand is no easy task. While some might think this is slapping on a logo or coming up with an “About” page, it’s actually a pretty complex mission. It requires looking into what your company does, why it exists, and even why it was founded. These can be hard questions to answer, but the right team might make the process easier. And with SAP, forming that team can be a cinch. Here’s why:

Figure Out What Your Story Is, And How You Can Tell It

In developing your brand, the first thing you’re going to have to do is understand what your story is, and how you should tell it. This is a much tougher task than most would imagine, as it requires a lot of tough conversations with yourself, as well as truly knowing what makes you want to work those early mornings and late nights. To begin, the first two things I’d recommend asking in your search is: “How do you want to change the world and how are you going to do it?”

Answering this can be a tough battle, as a lot of us come up with a great idea but don’t quite know how to execute on it. However, that’s where SAP comes into play.

With SAP, not only can you start looking for candidates that you feel as though will help propel your brand, but can help you understand your story. After all, this is something that’s continuously developing and growing, so it’s important to bring on those that will help make it even better. This can be as simple as someone you feel in your heart can come up with an incredible logo to understanding your methodologies. The overall goal here is to form a team you want to stick with for life, which can be a tall task for most firms.

Do What You Can With What You Got

Another important element to brand development comes from the authentic interactions you have with your team. From your intern all the way up to your fellow co-founders, these are going to be the people that help develop your brand, so it’s imperative to choose wisely. And with SAP, that process becomes tremendously easier.

One of the most impressive features of SAP is its ability to scour through talent and organize who your best candidates are based on experience, title, and even professional certificates/qualifications. Once you’ve reached that point, you’re able to start digging through who you really want on your team as a valid member. While this element of your search is going to require a little bit of trusting your gut, it’s helpful having SAP there to help vet candidates in ensuring you find the right one.

Focus On Someone Who Has A Knack For Details

As you narrow down your search using SAP, it’s important to dig out the details that you really feel will provide your business with a long-term partner focused on success. This includes looking after those that are up on current trends and know how to implement them in your brand. For example, according to Curatti, a color associated with a brand increases recognition by 80%, which should be one of the primary elements to formulating your aesthetics. Additionally, having someone that knows the in’s and out’s of a specific subject is clutch. An excellent point of this is having a person that handles your social media: Do they know the difference in the types of content for Facebook versus Instagram? What about metrics? How are you going to gauge growth? And as over 1.8 billion people are on social media, it’s best you find someone that might be able to teach you a thing or two.

Finding the perfect candidates for your brand can be tough, but a worthwhile task. However, when you consider that these folks are going to be ones that help not only develop your brand but your company, the decisions are going to become easier and easier. And on a final note, while you might not get it perfect the first time, your brand is a continuously growing and evolving organism, one that’s responsive to the environment around it. If you treat as such, you’ll be in the clear. But if not, well, it’s going to be nearly impossible, no matter who you bring on.

What are some ways you’ve used SAP to develop your brand? Comment below with your insights!

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