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SAPTeched 2017 – The fun is about to begin! One more look at DX133!

Well the fun is about to begin!    I’m excited!   I’m still excited!   I can’t wait to get to many of the interesting sessions.       Getting to see all the new stuff and learning as much as I can is a goal for me.    It’s also a goal to dig for the gold.   You know “THE GOLD” the things that I can bring back and use as soon as I get back to work.   Then I can justify going next year.

So with that thought in mind – I thought I’d share my agenda.   You don’t need to understand ABAP at all to implement some of the items from the agenda. Cool huh?   Some of them you need to understand basic ABAP.   When I say this course is for beginners – that’s exactly what I mean.   Although if you are advanced you may find a trick or two.   (That gold that I dig for)


I have canned examples (Pre-recorded examples) for just about everything.   I’ll give you  a sneak peak of one of them.   There aren’t any vocals on it.  I plan to do my own explaining during the session.   It’s how to set up 2 ALVs on one screen.   It’s a nice thing to do for people that don’t want to go screen to screen to get their data. This one is fairly simplistic and wouldn’t make sense to use in real life, but it gives you the techniques on how to set up the ALVs.


This is the type of thing I’ll be sharing.   This is the probably the most advanced one.   The rest are easier to write in ABAP code or no ABAP code.    Once you start to use the classes – this one is actually easy.  I plan one real life examples for ALVs – not two ALVs.   Report selections, text box, ALV tree.

Why canned examples you ask?   Well when I started presenting at Teched, I had my first session (I believe) in 2012.  Yes, 5 years ago.   I thought I’d share interactively from my company.    It was horrible.   Nothing worked – the connection was just too slow.   So I ended up only sharing my slides.   Boy, I hate to do that.It makes for a boring session from me – OK I did get some positive feedback or I wouldn’t have been able to speak again.   They do look at that kind of thing for speaking at another Teched.  (I believe)    So after that I decided to always can my examples.   That way I could give examples and pause etc. at speaking points.    Another FYI – the PDF is for you to have exactly what I’m presenting.   However, I try not to use them too much.   It’s basically a guide for me and then I show examples.

Now to add my greatest fear.   I am on a much lower version of SAP than you probably are.   I believe thiese tricks will translate to higher versions of SAP without any problem.  (I’ve also worked on those.   (Just not currently.)   And, oh by the way, there are a million different ways to write the same code. You may know some better ones.   I appreciate comments both in this blog and in the session.   Keep in mind, I’m trying to keep the code as simple as possible.

This is probably one of the more serious blogs I’ve written.   I take my session very seriously.   BUT I want you to have fun as well.   As some people are STILL thinking about “if they should go to Teched”, I hope to see you there.   Take a look at some of the great blogs out there.   No, you don’t have to go to my session.  (Although I’d love to see you there)   Just look.   Take a peak at what is going on.    There aren’t very many sales pitches.   There are some real time uses and training.   So much training.    You will learn more than you can retain.   But then you’ll have notes to remind you.

Back to my session – as you build your own agenda.   I would love to see you at mine.   Currently it is scheduled as one of the first ones!   Yay!    I think that’s a good thing.   It’s Tuesday at 11 AM – Noon.

As you build your sessions, if you have a certain speaker that you want to add – go to the speaker tab.   Find your speaker and click on them.   You’ll have all the dates / times that speaker is giving a session.  There a couple speakers I really want to go see!   Some of you have your favorites as well.

If you’ve read to the bottom of this very long blog.   Thank you!    I hope to see you at Teched!

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      Author's profile photo Moya Watson
      Moya Watson

      SO GOOD!  Going for GOLD.

      I'm curious about this part: "I am on a much lower version of SAP than you probably are." -- I'd be interested in hearing whether that's true.  At any rate:  thanks for being so diligent about giving people a great promo about what to look forward to in your session.  Wishing you and all a great time!


      PS: i added this blog to your blogroll at 🙂

      Author's profile photo Michelle Crapo
      Michelle Crapo
      Blog Post Author

      Bet I am!    4.6C.   I have worked with 3.1H - so this isn't so low considering.     I know we are planning a re-implementation but those darn business needs are getting in the way.    I also have worked on 6.0.   I believe most of what I'm showing is still available there.   And actually the transaction variants are easier.   I like easier.   Debug is easier too!   OK, a lot of the stuff is easier, BUT most if not all of this can be used there.

      I like to tell people about what my session will be about.   I don't want them surprised when they get there.   I have had various comments on my other sessions.   Some said it was VERY beginner and some said it was more intermediate.   Smile.   So if I put more stuff out there maybe this time I'll get it right.   See I do read those comments after speaking.   I think it makes me so much better!