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Possible Error with Resolution in SAP RAR

Common Errors in SAP RAR

During the recent days I have been working on SAP RAR and finally managed to get to an extend where we are now able to understand the basic in the tool. I thought that It might be useful to list down all the Errors that I have faced so far here and some people who are currently working on this might benefit from this.

Problem Possible Causes / Error Messages  Possible Resolution
1 Error during Order Creation Item Category is relevant for both SD revRec and also SAP RAR Go to ‘vov7’ and empty the flag for revenue recognition
2 RAI Not created
Company /Sales Og/ Item category not configured for RAR Check the Configurations
Authorization of the person who created the Sale Order Check if there are any entries in SM58 for the user id mentioning about authorization  who created the SD order
Any other issues 1. Check in the SD order if the Revenue Relevant flag is SET. This confirms that all the basic configuration are in place
2. Check SM58 to see if any entry exists.
3. Check ST22 and SM13. Sometimes there is a possibility that dump occurs during the Update process. There has been many improvements in the update process as of RAR1.3SP03
3 RAI not Displayed Authorization of the person who is runnng the Transaction Assign the needed authorization but parallel you can also Check the RAI in table level. It can be in RAW or in Processable tables.
4 Revenue Contract Not Created Error Message ‘No match found for the given context (DT_PROCESS_POB_ADD)’ There can be many ways to solve this issue. In my case since there was no additional POB I had disabled the expression. I have also seen a blog which says make the setting as possible to return null value in the rule
Error Message ‘No number range is assigned to contract category 0001’ In my case I has assigned the numebr range but then strangely it didn’t pick up the configuration and I had to delete the config and redo it
Error Message ‘No productive accounting principle maintained’ Check the status of the AP assignment to the company code
Error Message ‘Revenue accounting period setting not defined for CoCd ‘XXXX’ AcctPr. ‘REV1’ Check the Period settings on the FARR_IMG
Error Message ‘SSP currency USD from BRF+ does not match with POB HARDWARE currency CNY’ Check the SSP Decision Table setting for the material combination
Error Message ‘Enter only one true account assignment’ This was very tricky.
In our case we had Profitability segment and also WBS assignment which the RAR was considering as true assignments.
This was raised to SAP and we implemted the note 2289833
Error Message ‘Certain standalone selling prices are 0 unexpectedly (including 1000002 (Contract 1000001))’ SSP set up to be reviewed
Error Message ‘Source account missing on condition type ZZZZ for performance obligation $000000000000001’ Check the account determination on the SD side for the specific condition type
Error Message ‘Either a duration or an end date must be specified for perf. obligat. $000000000000001’ POB set up was not correct in the POB DT
Error Message ‘Performance obligation to be invoiced could not be determined (SDII/XXXXXXXXX)’ The SD01 was not processed successfully. Once the SD01 was processed this was resolved
Error Message ‘For item with ID SDPI/XXXXXXXX, the original item could not be found’ The SD01 was not processed successfully. Once the SD01 was processed this was resolved
Error Message ‘Inflight check: Error  found before save to database->Contact SAP’ Solved by Note 2473987
5 Revenue Contract created with Error Recognized Revenue acct. cannot derive from ref. acct. 123456 for POB $000000000000001 Check and maintain the Account Determination in Simplified BRF+ and reprocess the contract / Account Determination. IF you have multiple Accounting pronciples activate make sure that you have maintained for each of the relevant ones.
Error while obtaining account of deferred revenue for contract XXXXX Check and maintain the Account Determination in Simplified BRF+ and reprocess the contract / Account Determination. IF you have multiple Accounting pronciples activate make sure that you have maintained for each of the relevant ones.
Required field ‘Fulfillment Type’ of performance obligation 1004003 is empty. Check the POB decision table (The contract will only be created if this is related to leding POB)
6 Transfer of POC from RA into RAR POC % from RA was not transferred into SAP RAR as fulfilment Make sure that the Fulfilment type is Manual and implement the Note 2391711 and 2399224



Hope this helps.


Vijay V .

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  • Hi Vijay,


    I am getting below error.

    Error Message ‘No match found for the given context (DT_PROCESS_POB_ADD)’

    Can you let me know how you disabled expression. Also let me know blog which you are referred for this issue.




  • Thank you for sharing.  I have encountered some errors when transferring Invoice RAIs generated from FI,  the error is this:

    @5C\QError@ Item CAII/XXX: The quantity unit does not match with the original item. @5F\QNo long text exists@ 3 00000000000XXX 3 E FARR_RAI 396 Important 1 10/17/2018 17:48:47 @5F\QNo detail exists@

    • Hi

      What is the reference document for this FI document ? If it’s Sales order then check the quantity in SO and if you mention any qty in the accounting FI document

      Send a screenshot if possible


      Vijay V


  • Wondering if you can help us.  We have successfully processed a sales order - got it through monitoring, and then have invoiced it (green traffic lights).  However when we try to process it, it gives us an error stating:


    "Contract 5 validate result is error"

    "Error wehn rpocessing invoice item SDII/XXXXXXXXX for accounting principle GAAP"


    Would you be able to offer any insight here?  Thanks in advance.

    • Hi

      Can you give more details on the error? There will be detailed analysis log for this error message as to why this didn't process.

      Inflight error could have happened for Invoice as well.


      Vijay V

      • We dug deeper and during the monitoring / processing we run into the error:

        FI-RA account determination error FARR_CONTRACT_MAIN133

        We call up FARR_RAI_MON and transfer the item to RAR and create the POB.  Right now we are doing this manually to control the process and work through bugs.

        This processes just fine - but when we go to BRF and look at the contract, we see it has an error.


        We are using out of the box settings for account determination.  We have maintained the derived accounts properly in the IMG.


        Any ideas?


        • /
        • /
          • Hi

            You can try to simulate the BRF+ table result directly from BRF+. You can try to pass the parameters that you use in the BRF+ table simulation and see if the account gets determined. Sometimes you might have values in the other columns in the simplified UI of account determination which you might have maintained earlier.


            Or you can also set break-point in method DERIVE_ACCT_FROM_BRF in class CL_FARR_ACCT_DETERMINATION.

             TRY .
            CALL METHOD cl_farr_contract_utility=>process_acct_brf_function
            iv_function_id  mv_function_id
            it_param        lt_name_value
            ev_derived_acct rv_drvied_account.

            Let me know if this helps.


            Vijay V

          • we tried this, but once it gets passed over to BRF its a bit of an abyss.  i am the developer and my counterpart is the functional person.

            we have raised a note to SAP - and they are looking into it.

            let me ask you this - is there any particular BADI you'd recommend using for account determination?  if i could hijack the code and push in the proper values while they are fixing the actual code - then it allows us to make forward progress.


          • Hi

            Yes. You can use your own Transparent Table instead of BRF+ account determination table also. But I am surprised about your issue as I don't have that in my system. The account determination works fine. Did you try the simulation in BRF+ with the values that are passed to brf+?

          • can you elaborate on using our own table?  i went through all the BADI's and i did not see the option to do that.  we could do an enhancement to their code, but i want to avoid that if at all possible.  is there some config setting that could point to our table?

            yes, its very strange - for some accounts it returns values, for others it comes back blank or w/an error.  and i can see those same accounts on the BRF screen.  its being very fickle inside BRF.

            we tried simulation and it is consistent with what i'm seeing in debug.

          • Vijay, thank you for this - it helped tremendously.  Just wanted to get back to you.

            Also have a question about RAR pricing conditions.  Is there a way to get a hold of you directly?

  • Hi Vijay,

    I am getting the below error when trying to post an Event-Based Fulfillment Type and the Event is Manual Fulfillment. This results in the fulfillment event getting processed but nothing gets reflected on the contract/POB.

    "Item CAFI/51267279_100000374_I: Changes to invoices and fulfillments not allowed"

    Any insights will be really helpful.



    • Hi Amit,

      Are you posting revenue and you get this error or when you process you invoice RAIs? If this is during Invoice RAI then the Event Manual must not be on the POB.



      Vijay V

  • Hi Vijay,

    Thanks. Yes, I am getting this while processing the Invoice RAI's. I have as such changed my event type from Manual to Goods Issue under POB and the error has gone. Still, some further issues wherein the fulfillments are not being reflected on the POB's.

    Trying to check various thing and would come back to you if in case I get any errors/issues.




    Hi Vijay,

    I am facing below error in RAR 1.3:

    Standalone Selling Price of performance obligations XXXX (contract XXXX) not specified....

    Do we have any solution for this?


    • This is specifically happening for BOM related child materials.
    • There are no SSP for child materials.
    • If we do some changes in SD side, it is working. However, it would impact other SD scenarios. So, we cannot do this.

    Please share your inputs, if any.


    Kind regards,

    Dinesh Lakhotiya

    • Hi Dinesh

      Are you transferring the complete BOM into RAR? Do the child materials also need allocation and receive revenue? Then I think you need a SSP on them.



      Vijay V

  • Hi Vijay,

    When I am trying to activate the Sd01 line item in configuration level in farr_ img.

    When I click on generate button after action of Sd01 class.

    But under the display objects structures and tables are saved under local package $tmp.


    How I can move the changes to my own package or custom package.


    Those objects names are started with /1ra/sd010c/ ..

    Directly we cannot chane it because those are standard tables and structure.



    Pls suggest me how to achieve it.