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Author's profile photo Torben Moberg Jørgensen

Send SMS from SCOT

SMS Gateway secure setup

By Torben Moberg Jørgensen

This document describes the task of Setting up a connection to a SMS Gateway provider to enable sending SMS in a secure way from the SAP Business Workplace.

The setup is divided in 3 sections.

  1. Preparing the system for sending SMS
  2. Preparing SSL for the RFC
  3. Setup SCOT and the RFC

Preparing the system for sending SMS

Setup background services

HTTP Virtual host Configuration via SICF (create service)

Go to Logon Data and provide a user (use a service user)

Then go to the handler list and provide following handers.


Save, press  and activate the service

If your network environment has a proxy, then provide the proxy setting to reach it to the given URL.

Maintaining the Pager service.

Use transaktion SA14 (The best practice is to go to 000 client and do this).

Provide detail as shown below – New Entry

TRANSAKTION SPRO (in configuration client)

Use transaction SPRO and press

Preparing SSL for the RFC

Prerequisites: You have setup up the ABAP Server for the SSL communication.  You have installed SAP Cryptolib and maintained transaction STRUST.

Download Certificate from SMS Gateway provider

Go to the provider’s homepage and download the certificate by clicking The Lock (security report) click View certificates. Select Details and click “Copy to File…”

Click Next and select “DER encoded binary X.509” and save it with extension *.cer

Upload the certificate to STRUST SSL Client (Standard)

Use transaction STRUST, click “Change” To add the certificate to the SSL Client (Standard), duple click the certificate under “SSL client (Standard)” in the left pane.

In the right window in the Certificate section at the bottom, click “Import certificate”  and select the certificate from the provider.

Now click  and save it.

To load the changes in to ICM (Internet Connection Framework) Restart ICM.

Restart ICM

Go to transaction SMICM and select the menu “Administration-> ICM -> Hard Shut Down -> Global.

Setup SCOT and the RFC

RFC to the SMS Gateway provider

In transaction SM59 create a new HTTP Connection to External Server (Connection type G). Enter Description and press enter. In the “Technical Settings” pane, under “Target System Setting” enter Target host (hostname of the provider) Service No. (HTTPS port of the provider) and Path Prefix (path to the action script that handles the POST or GET call).

In the “Logon & Security” pane select “Do Not Use a User” and in the bottom, in the “Security Options” set SSL active and select DEFAULT SSL Client (Standard) in the SSL Certificate list.

Save and test connection to verify that you get a return code 200 (ignore errors in the response-body about parameters not filed).
Tip! Be sure that the SAP Gateway security allows connection to the external host.

Setup SCOT

In transaction SCOT create a new HTTP Node with the wizard by duple clicking HTTP Node in the left pane
 and click the “Create Node” from the dropdown of button

Fill in the Nodes, Description, Hours/minutes, check Node in use, add the RFC to the SMS Gateway provider and select Method GET.

In the URL/Query box parameters from the SMS provider and is entered and filled with SAPconnect variables (seen in <>) or entered as fixed values.

The parameters (Remember the sign & after each parameter except the last!!):

“apiKey” is entered in clear text as a fixed value.
“sendername” is in this case same for all and is set to the fixed value CrMED.
“test” is entered as SAPconnect variable.
“recipients” is entered as SAPconnect variable with country prefix 45 as a fixed value in front.

Maximum Length is set to 200 characters.

Set Address area to * for “Pager (SMS)” by clicking  under Supported address types and check “Do not insert subject in message text”

Setup Send job for SMS

In transaction SCOT create a new job for PAG

Set schedule

And save.

Compose a test message in SMWP (SAP Business Work Place)

In transaction SMWP create a new message.

Enter the receiver’s mobile number and select receiver type Pager (SMS) and click send.

Monitor sending process in SCOT


SAP Documentation

SAPconnect (BC-SRV-COM)

SAP Community WIKI

Setting up the ABAP Server for the SSL communication SCOT – SAPconnect Administration SAP SMS Configuration

Related SAP Notes (requires SAP S-user login)

Note 455140 – Configuration of e-mail, fax, paging/SMS via SMTP



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      Author's profile photo Mads Paarup
      Mads Paarup

      Great guide - good work - Thanks a million!!!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Torben, very nice blog!

      I have a question. How to do the configuration with SAP Gateway security to allow connection to the external host.

      Best regards.


      Author's profile photo Praveen S
      Praveen S

      Thanks for guide working well with my SAP usng spring edge sms gateway. It will more helpful to users if you add firewall configuration in above guidelines.

      Author's profile photo Brian Saa
      Brian Saa

      Is the API Key case sensitive?
      The provider we have has given us a url with the APK in small letters and this is throwing an error on the SAP system.