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S/4HANA Embedded Analytics FAQ – Part 3

Hello All,

I have been lucky enough to be a part of many discussions on S/4HANA Embedded Analytics, both with Internal Stakeholders(within SAP) and External Customers.

I am starting a series of blogs here, wherein I have tried to document some of the FAQ’s, which has come out of such discussions.

PART 1 can be found here:

PART 2 can be found here:

Hope this would be useful for your reference.

I understand that many of you are already working on the S/4HANA area. In case if you feel any discrepancy with any of the points/remarks mentioned in this blog,
Please feel free to add your comments here.

The official SAP document on SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics(November 2015 edition) can be found in the following link:

<<<<<Important Disclaimer: All the points mentioned here in this document are purely my observations and learnings from various stake holders. This should never be considered as an SAP official document >>>>>

I will try to update this blog series on a regular basis,so that the same can be used as a Live reusable document.

21) I have an S/4HANA System with NW740 version in that. Will the annotations like “@Analytics.Datacategory: #CUBE” work in such systems.

Remarks: In such systems, if we add the annotation “@Analytics.Datacategory:
#CUBE”, it will be shown in red colour.

Solution to use ABAP CDS views via Analytic Engine and expose them for instance
to BI clients is only available for S/4 HANA (starting with NetWeaver 7.5x). So if
the customer system is in 7.4 (740), such annotations cannot be used.


22)  Do I need separate License for S/4HANA Embedded Analytics to be enabled?

Remarks: S/4HANA Embedded doesn’t carry any specific Licensing requirements. It is inbuilt within the S/4HANA box.
For embedded analytics, there is no separate package you can or need to install. Embedded analytics basically means that KPIs, reports and other artifacts are shipped as part of the main product.


23) Can I connect CDS Views to WEBI

Remarks:   Webi does not have a direct connectivity with CDS.

You can follow any of the approach below, but some features are still not integrated.
a) Using ‘transient universe’ functionality (“@Analytics.query : True”)
b) You create a Universe (a real universe, not a ‘transient universe’) on top of the BEx query with the Information Design Tool.  This universe can be used mainly to simplify the view of the BEx query (e.g. change object labels, organize in folders, hide objects).


24) Any list of notes that are available for S/4HANA Analytics.

2131643 – Reporting-Content of SAP Simple Finance add-on 1.0 replaced by SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition 1503

2242330 – Release Information Note: Analytics for S/4 HANA SAP S/4HANA Finance 1605

2148105 – Release Information Note: SAP HANA Live for SAP Simple Finance, On-Premise-Edition 1503

2289865 – Configuration steps for S/4 HANA Analytics

2271853 – SAP Best Practices for analytics with SAP S/4HANA


25) What are the S/4HANA Analytics tools that are available in the Cloud version?

Remarks: The following are some of the Tools/Apps available in S/4HANA Cloud Version. (as of 1708)


26) Do we have a graphical designer for creating CDS views

Remarks: Seems like SAP is working on the process of coming up with an option of creating CDS views graphically. The Road map (with dates) is not yet available.
Currently, we have a “Graphical Editor (not a real editor) in the Context menu of a CDS view


27) What are the current Analytics offerings provided by SAP (Old Screenshot)


28) What all would be the points to be considered, when we have to take a decision between SAP BW, Powered by SAP HANA or SAP BW/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics.

Remarks: The following screenshot would be a helpful in taking such a decision:


29) Do we have an option to display the automatically created CDS view Transient Provider:

Remarks: We can use the Tcode –>  rsrts_odp_dis


30)  How does Delta Mechanism work in case of CDS view, if there is a requirement from the customer to persist the data (may be in the embedded BW)

Remarks: There are a couple of new annotations in the latest versions:

Refer this link for more detailed documentation:


Hope you found my blog series useful.



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      Author's profile photo Manish Thakur
      Manish Thakur

      Hi Prabhith,

      Kindly update the  (broken) link provided in the marked segment, as below:

      The official SAP document on SAP S/4HANA Embedded Analytics(November 2015 edition) can be found in the following link: