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Quick Snap: Analysis for Office 2.5 Connection to SAP Analytics Cloud

Analysis for Office 2.5 is GA and available in the service market place.

Inspired by Tammy’s blog, I went about connecting AO2.5 SP01 to SAC.

The connection setup window is straightforward, (perhaps too simple):


Had a million tries taking different bookmarked SAC URL…None worked.

Stuck on this screen…I was expecting a login form:

The AO admin guide was not helpful.

Found SAP note 2460065: AO only works with a “Friendly” URL.

The “friendly” logon URL is expected to be *.<landscape id> or *.   <landscapeid>

Note: This restriction limits on-premise data source connections where reverse proxy URLs are used.

Once in,  the “select data source” window is familiar:

Right now this apparently only works with simple and native BOC models, aka models created from file uploads.

Even acquired models from SQL server do not work, nor do models uploaded from large excel files.

Having the Excel client immediately helps SAC in many aspects.

Almost a feeling of “Welcome Home” in my opinion:  SAC’s original name was Cloud for Planning….Under the cover,  SAC originated from a standard BPC engine that works better with formula-ladden excel clients.

Summary: Another inter-operability scenario in the SAP BI land.  At this point, a help SAC squarely needs to accelerate its maturity and adoption.









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