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One thing is for sure: E-commerce will only climb to newer heights and continue to dominate how business position themselves in a new and wild global market. U.S. e-commerce sales reached $105.10 billion in the second quarter, a 16.3 percent increase from the second quarter of 2016, which was $90.40 billion.

In Canada, e-commerce sales are showing even more impressive gains as sales online spike of 43.5 percent, at around C$1.201 billion ($955.5 million USD) in June of this year. Compared to a year ago, when e-commerce sales made up only 1.6 percent of total sales in Canada, this year online sales rose to 2.2 percent.

Every Type of Business Imaginable Is Getting a Piece

You name it and there is a business getting in on the e-commerce action. A company selling Mickey Thompson tires is one such business, which may seem odd at first glance. Who would have imagined a tire company would find e-commerce beneficial.

Yet they have found a way, thanks to their online e-commerce site to venture out beyond tire sales and have even begun to sell vehicles, such as Jeep. What once would have stayed simple a tire shop has been able to expand exponentially, all due to the power of e-commerce.

SAP Hybris Commerce Killing the Game

There isn’t one industry out there that isn’t falling behind on timely upgrades, keeping their systems up to date with their customer’s needs. Sounds pretty pitiful, doesn’t it? But that is the cold hard fact. The only way to avoid becoming a part of that crowd is to just get those upgrades done and over with. No time is like the present.

SAP Hybris is one of those products that is making it easy to optimize the customer experience – and it is this element that will make or break you as a company. Companies that rely heavily on technology also must balance the whole “personal attention” and “human aspect” of their business.

These technology upgrades is what keeps your organization in line with these issues. Not upgrading – well, let’s say you’ll find your customers getting swooned by those companies that do their upgrades. And believe it or not, those who deal heavily with e-commerce are the ones at greater risk of ignoring important upgrades.

What’s So Great About the New Hybris Commerce 6.2

SAP Hybris Commerce 6.2 is the latest version of SAP Hybris Commerce platform, which has grown very popular over time. Some of the latest enhancements offer most of the primary e-commerce features one would expect in a tool such as this. It optimizes the customer experience even more than before by giving them efficient self-service tools and extremely targeted experiences. It provides helpful customer service immediately as well. As a business owner, you will get improvements that allow a 360-degree view of your customer base, improves fulfilment processing and provides a robust personalized support and browsing experience.


So, What’s New?

The following features have been added to the newest version of Hybris Commerce.

  • Support for the SAP Hybris Commerce Accelerator for B2B
  • Viewing and editing of page metadata
  • Creation of product and category pages
  • Addition restrictions to pages
  • Navigation management to support navigation components
  • Support of navigation components: Account Navigation, Category Navigation, and Footer Navigation
  • Improvements to drag and drop
  • Inclusion of SmartEdit in additional installation recipes

So, if you are wanting to rise out of the crowd and take advantage of the exploding e-commerce trend, it is probably high time to upgrade your old e-commerce platform and switch to SAP’s Hybris Commerce. If you have already switched and are using it, don’t forget to get this important upgrade.

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