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New SAP cluster resource DLL is available!

In this blog I want to show you, why you should upgrade to the latest NTCLUST.SAR package from SAP which contains a brand, new cluster resource DLL called “saprc.dll”.

The new saprc.dll is completely redesigned and doesn’t use any code from the old implementation.

Please see SAP note 1596496 for detailed information where to get the DLL and how to upgrade it?


  • insaprct.exe tool greatly enhanced, the tool can now be used to install and upgrade the saprc.dll on a single cluster node, or at once on all cluster nodes
  • enhanced check if SAPMNT share is available (necessary for File-Share-Cluster solution, a clustered (A)SCS instance which does not use shared disk)
  • increased performance of LooksAlive check (no SOAP communication, but process health check)
  • better error handling with SAP Start Service (communication with sapstartsrv.exe)
  • it’s fully downward compatible to 7.00 (but not 6.40 (smile))
  • much better, enhanced trace information in cluster.log and Windows application log
  • better error handling, link to central blog document which describes the errors and offers solutions for them. See
  • displays “SAP in Maintenance” in Failover Cluster Manager, if Maintenance Mode has been turned on
  • no extension DLL necessary anymore (saprcex.dll has been removed)
  • network port usage check included. Saprc.dll writes network port usage (tcp, udp, IPv4, IPv6) to cluster.log. Very important for problem analysis. You will like this feature!
    You can also use insaprct.exe to get an actual network port usage information:
    insaprct.exe -ports
  • in case of application crashes or hang situations, saprc.dll captures dumps of sapstartsrv.exe for further analysis by SAP to determine the root cause
  • no sapclus.dll necessary anymore (needed in the old implementation to run insaprct.exe)
  • handles old Generic Service, SAP Service and mixed configurations
  • many old cluster properties removed, because no longer needed
  • full support of the new ERS / ENSA (coming with 7.5x)
  • property to add “not relevant processes” to be ignored by healthcheck of saprc.dll, for example the SAP Web Dispatcher
  • smaller bugs fixed which exist in old DLL
  • The version of the DLL and the tool insaprct.exe can now be seen in Windows File Explorer, right mouse click on the DLL, navigate to “Details” and detailed information is displayed.


Stay tuned! I will update this blog with some best practise information about the new features and how to use them!


New features in version

We add three new property fields to the instance:

You can start your own batch files here!


If there will be a failure with this SAP instance, saprc.dll will start a script in c:\scripts\failure.cmd. With this script (must be written from you!) you can send a mail, an SMS, send an alert to a monitor of your choice, etc.


Additionally, the error handling in version 404 was greatly enhanced! If for whatever reason the communication between saprc.dll and the SAP start service (sapstartsrv.exe) is not working using the named pipe protocol, we will now switch to https or http as failback protocols. This will be logged to cluster.log and Windows event viewer application log.


New features in version

  • The new Enqueue Replicator 2 is now fully supported.
  • enhanced error descriptions in case of named pipe problems.



How can I find out, if I have a new saprc.dll in place?


Start Windows File Explorer, right mouse click on c:\windows\system32\saprc.dll and you see the version:


The latest version is

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