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Order Online, Pick Up in Store App

We developed this app as part of a “Order online – pickup at Store” effort.

Business Process Summary
  1. Web order is created via Hybris and a corresponding order is created in ECC, which is then send to legacy POS system
  2. For the store employee, App shows the number of open web orders as a notification .
  3. Once an associate opens the app, a listing of open orders shows up
  4. Once an associate chooses an order to pick, order status is changed to “being picked” and a pick list is printed.
  5. Once the order is picked (some items may get rejected), associate submits the order.
  6. Once order is submitted, status is changed to “picking complete” and new output is triggered  via ECC for “Packing list”
  7. This also initiates a status notification to Hybris so that they can communicate to customer that order is ready for pick up.



App walkthrough

  1. Associate gets the notification in App.

2. Associate open the app and a listing of open orders is available.

3. Associate chooses the order to pick and prints a picklist if required,

4. Associate scans the items and fulfills

5. Sales associate can also reject the order.

6. Listing available to view picked orders.

7. Put back listing based on predetermined criteria based on site master.

Noteworthy Developments

This whole app was developed from scratch but some noteworthy developments were as follows


As you can see Odata was build from scratch. We tried to use a standard odata but the work required to modify it was so much that is was easy to build a new one.

Document navigation tabs

We developed custom tabs so that user can see what kind of documents they are looking at. In addition, documents can error out or may take a second or two to be submitted, that was the reason we developed Error or Pending view/tabs.

Infinite scrolling

There is a limit on the documents that can be shown in the master (left) view. We tried to change the limit and paginate the results, but it was slow and cumbersome. So we ended up developing infinite scrolling feature, which will keep bringing in documents.

Product selection pop-up

This was code written in javascript. Main features of this pop-up are

  1. Initiate picking button will bring a pop-up where the users can scan the bar code.
  2. Associates will scan the items, if the items scanned are not part of the list, an error message shall pop-up specifying “Item scanned not found”
  3. If the scanned qty count for a product is more than the requested qty, an error message shall pop-up, saying “Item scanned more than the requested qty”
  4. If item scanned is part of the list, then increase the scanned count for that item by 1.
  5. Show a close button to close the pop-up

For a detailed discussion of what it takes for a successful FIORI implementation, please refer to my blog here.

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