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Mobile Engagement using SAP Hybris Marketing

Recommendation: The mobile SDK and Servlet are obsolete as of SAP Marketing Cloud 2011 release. As an alternative, you can use the new integration flows to integrate your mobile app with SAP Marketing Cloud. For more information, see Mobile App Integration with Google Firebase.


Starting with release 1708, we are happy to announce the availability of the mobile channel for SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud. A marketer can now create a mobile campaign in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud system and send marketing offers and notifications to mobile devices.

The graphic below illustrates the end-to-end flow for enabling the mobile channel feature. You can create a mobile campaign in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud system. To this campaign, you can assign an offer or a notification. The offers and notifications are sent as mobile push notifications to either Android or iOS devices. The mobile push notifications are routed via Google Firebase.

For the mobile device to connect to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud system, you need to install the servlet and mobile SDK provided by SAP.

The mobile SDK will help you to quickly build and enhance your mobile application. Depending on the type of mobile device you use, Android or iOS, you can download the SDK from here.

Use the servlet to authenticate and transfer calls from your mobile application to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud system. You can download the servlet from here. You need to deploy this servlet on SAP Cloud Platform. The API calls configured in the mobile application need to point to the deployed servlet.

Once you have installed and setup the Servlet and the Mobile SDK, you need to set up the communication scenarios for inbound and outbound communication. For more information, refer to the Integration guide.

You are now ready to execute the flow:

  1. Create a Mobile Campaign in SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, using the action Mobile Push Notification. To this action, assign a notification text or an offer. For more information on how to create mobile campaigns, see here.


  • The target group can be created will all mobile device users. (Use ID_Origin as MOBILE_APP_TOKEN). This will pick all the contacts within SAP Marketing Cloud system that have installed the mobile application and registered their user on the mobile application.
  • Once the user registers on the mobile application, a call is made to SAP Hybris Marketing system to create a contact. The contact will then have the ID_Origin as MOBILE_APP_TOKEN.
  1. Once the campaign is executed, push notifications are sent to the mobile devices of the contacts – via Google Firebase.
  1. Once the users receive the notification, they can click on it to view the offer in the mobile application.

Hope you try the solution and enjoy your mobile endeavor with SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud!

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  • Hello Shilpa, Hello Susheel,

    Does this work for Hybris Marketing 1708/1711 Cloud Edition?

    Is the servlet required? How do Push notifications work on previous versions?

    Best regards,

    Alfredo Barrientos

  • Hello,


    We have a requirement like below

    Visitor visits the web shop which ask for permission for push notification. Than the hybris marketing sends push notifications to the browser with promo messages.

    Web push notification??? - Hybris Marketing


    Is it possible in hybris marketing On premise?

    If yes please help me and provide some documents






    • Hi Renjith,

      The link (click here) provided in the above blog points to various versions of SDK. You can choose the required folder depending on the release you are on. For example, if you are using SAP Marketing Cloud, the latest version is 1902. If you are using an on prem version, the latest version would be 1809. Each folder contains the Android/iOS files for SDK.

      Hope this helps.



      • Hi Shilpa (Shilpa K.Chakravarthy)

        Thanks a lot for your response. The link shared points to internal SAP private links which I don’t have access to. But is fine, I managed to get the access to those documents and have downloaded the SDKs and handed over to the Web Dev team.

        We face another issue now as below. Kindly advise.

        Currently, we are working on Hybrid application using Phone gap technology which is highly recommended to access native functionality via cordova/phonegap only. The SDK document shared is for native mobile application. Does Marketing Cloud support Hybrid mobile application using Phonegap/Cordova Technology?

        Thanks again.

        Regards, Renjith


  • Hi Shilpa K.Chakravarthy Susheel Kumar C ,


    We are exploring the options of Push notification in our 1709Sp01 version and the content studio seems to be limited as there is no subject field no links which we can embed the only attributes available are for contact itself, so was wondering how you are sending offers as per your blog?

    Can you please elaborate a bit on how you can do all these features from the content studio itself.



  • Hi Shilpa/Sreejith,

    I have a customer who has Marketing 1802 On Premises, they want this functionality. I have the following queries to start with:

    1. Will this work in Marketing On Premises?
    2. The customer already has the app. They might not go with our SDK and Cloud Platform. Will this impact the notification sending? Is it correct to assume that the SDK and the servlet is required to get offers (if required) and send interactions, not for sending notifications.

    Thanks and Regards


    • Hello Aditya Krishan Nanda ,

      The mobile push notification functionality is available in the 1802 OnPremise. The SDK is required to be integrated with the customer mobile app for any inbound notifications (contact or interaction creation) from mobile app to marketing cloud. The SDK has wrapped the required Marketing API calls. The servlet (and hence Cloud Platform to deploy the servlet) is required for security reasons to have a trusted middleware for any calls from mobile app to marketing cloud.

      To use only the outbound notification, the SDK and Servlet is not required. For outbound notifications, the Firebase needs to be configured and integrated with SAP Marketing Cloud for sending push notifications.The document can be accessed using the link.

      Shilpa K.Chakravarthy



  • To create the interaction “Notification Viewed”:

    1. Set up the Comm Arrangement (SAP_COM_0169)
    2. Execute a Mobile Campaign
    3. Tracking URL is sent along with the push notification payload (from MC>Firebase>Mobile App)
    4. Do a GET call to the Tracking URL (with Basic Auth used in the Comm Arrangement 0169)
    5. Notification Viewed is created and is tied to the Contact and Campaign.

    (when standard SDK/servlet is not implemented)

  • Hi all,

    We have an issue with the Firebase mobile app token. We are on SAP Marketing OnPrem Version 1809 and trying to get the token from Firebase for a test contact but the token ID has a “:” in it. When we try to add this to the contact as an origin it’s not accepted by the service and we get an error. Has anyone seen this problem before?



  • Hi @Shilpa K.Chakravarthy,


    I am doing mobile app integration for push notifications and interactions capture from the mobile app.

    It is a little confused for me, in the above blog, there is SDK and servlet to connect from SMC to the mobile app. But in help documents, it is mentioned as 2008_Deprecated.
    Kindly suggest me the latest and best way to connect to the mobile app.

    We are using a hybrid app with extremepush for campaigns without connecting to SMC, do I need to take a different approach in this scenario? Please suggest.