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TOP TEN: Most viewed KBA for General Performance in August

2418936 – High RFC time: Performance troubleshooting

A useful bridge KBA that takes your step by step how to troubleshoot High RFC time in ST03n. Although the root cause is often difficult to locate, this KBA will most definitely assist.

  • Network performance issues
    The result of communication and high data volume issues
  • Slow running jobs between different SAP systems (for example ERP and BW)
    Indicated by high roll wait time in the ST03 monitor.
    In this scenario a job that is running between SAP systems can take a long time to complete on the target system.
    This can be an application, hardware or database specific issue.
  • Unavailable RFC resources
    Individual RFC resources are overutilized on the target system which can generate high wait time.
  • A misreported response time which is not related to an actual performance issue, but is bug related in manner.
    In this case the response time will be unrealistically high.

2383809 – How to use the SAP Performance Monitor SDF/MON tool to analyze performance issues

One of our personal favourite articles to send to our customers that aren’t comfortable with schedule /SDF/MON. Use this KBA guide so that you can also schedule tracing to find the issue in a particular time interval!




2436955 – Step by step instructions on how to use ST12 trace for analysis

One of the holy grails of SV-PERF. We use this tool with just about every incident we get and can you! Look through this KBA on how to use ST12 and analyze the data given.

Some of the options to trace in ST12 are:

  • User/Task
  • Work Process
  • Current Mode
  • Schedule

Each has its own strengths. Find out how we use them!

2428353 – How to analyze high GUI time on SAP systems

We all get it, you’re looking through your ST03n monitor and there it is, High GUI Time. Let us help you get to the nitty gritty and solve these issues.

We use tools such as HttpWatch, NIPING, STAD, ST03n, Frontend Performance tracing.

2442365 – Survival Guide for performance analysis on SAP system

Definitely, one that should be Number 1 on the list since it contains all the information you’ll need when the issue first happens. Have a gander at this article and you’ll surely be prepared for your next performance mishaps.

Some of the topics you’ll go over range from :

  • Web Interface and Front-end activities
  • Connections from the User to the dispatcher
  • Networking between platforms
  • ABAP Platform analysis
  • RFC analysis
  • DB analysis
  • List of tools that we use to perform our investigation


2399769 – General Performance: Troubleshooting Questions

Have a look through this list of questions we have previously been asked by customers. This is a great start for initial root cause analysis if you don’t know where to start.

2426336 – Performance analysis of external RFC server programs (registered program)

Are you seeing a delay in the RFC processing of an external RFC destination in SM58?

Suspecting a network bottleneck?

Give this one a read as it hits #7 on our most popular list of KBAs!


2252679 – How to analyze an enqueue lock problem.

Have you ever…. ran a report or program only to find no response? Try checking SM50, do you see ENQ as the reason for hanging?

Find out more on how to analyze an enqueue lock problem with this KBA at #8.

2442188 – Analyzing and Configuring Memory to Increase Performance – Guided Answers


AT #9 we have a Bridge KBA to the Guided Answer on how to configure and analyze memory parameters to increase performance.

This Guided Answers will take you through ST02 Buffer Monitor and what each key points to look and be aware of.

2432675 – High Wait Time analysis in SAP system


One of the few common issues we all run into is High Wait Time in the ST03n monitor. We have compiled all we know about this KPI and by going through this step by step KBA, you’ll narrow down your issue.



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