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Once you have your SAP CP accounts the next step is to start building. One of the most important aspects is to use a development tool like eclipse or SAP Studio to access your SAP HANA DB on cloud and create various artifacts. Of course, you can use SAP WebIDE to develop but in case you need to look at your DB in terms of processes running, schemas and are more comfortable with eclipse, Studio and likewise this document will help you do so.

Once you download the SAP HANA Studio or Eclipse on your desktop, you should be able to see the ‘Add Cloud System’ when you right click to add a system:

If you do not see this option do not panic, this is because you have not downloaded and installed the right SDK for your development tool.

To do that you need to open Studio as an admin user.

Then check on Help à Install New Software and then in the “Work with” box enter this URL – and then you will see the relevant options:

You can choose to import all the above tools. Once you do that you will get the option to add cloud system.

Note: This link is for Eclipse Neon. It might change based on the version of Eclipse you are using.

Once you do the same you will get an option to a cloud system.

Once you click on that option you will need to enter the following details:

  1. Region host:

These are the options that you get. Pick the right region host (you can get this information from you DA SPOC).

2. Subaccount Name

This information will also be shared with you by the DA SPOC while setting up your SAP CP account. Please remember that this is not the same as the central DB account name which is mentioned in the various links provided to you for logging into the server.

3. Username/Password

This will be P number/S number which will be added to the SAP CP account by the DA SPOC during the configuration. Enter the relevant information. Remember that we are not accessing the DB/schemas yet and hence your SYSTEM user details should not be entered here.

Once you enter the relevant information and click on ‘Next’ the next screen will be about all the databases/schemas that this particular P user is authorized to access.

The screen will look something like this:

(In the above picture you can see multiple DBs as I am the admin for multiple databases in the SAP CP account. For you P user you will see only your database)

Once you pick your database please enter:

  1. Database user: You can use user SYSTEM to login for the first time. Post that you can create your own DBUSER or DEVUSER to login to this database.
  2. Database password: This information will be shared by your DA SPOC when he/she is configuring your SAP CP account.

Once you enter the relevant you will be able to access the various options like Catalog, Content, Provisioning etc

The text behind the black color indicates your subaccount.

The text behind the navy blue color indicates the main MDC server account.

The text behind the brown color indicates your DB name in SAP CP.

Happy developing!


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