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Workforce Reimagined with the SAP Business Reimagined Tour

SAP SuccessFactors Demo:

The SAP SuccessFactors demo we walked through on the SAP Business Reimagined Tour was a modified version of a 30-minute Executive overview. We took this Executive Overview demo and split it into 3 portions – each taking about 4 – 7 minutes to deliver


1) Employee Self Service Activities – Checking Pay statements, Requesting Time Off.

Checking pay statement and requesting time off typically require employees to send multiple emails, make phone calls, or run some sort of report. With SAP SuccessFactors, employees can handle these 2 process right from their mobile device.




2) Manager Self Service Activities – Checking Geoff’s Activities in Continuous Performance Management, Viewing Geoff’s full profile, Viewing the Org Chart.

Mya Cooper, a manager with several direct reports, wants visibility into what exactly her employees are working on from a day-to-day basis. She wants this information readily available, and doesn’t want to have her employees only fill out what they’ve achieved once a year. With SAP SuccessFactors and Continuous Performance Management Mya gets exactly that – a glimpse into the more tactical or day-to-day activities her employees are working on. She can leverage this information for 1-on-1 meetings so she’s not “going in blind” which is common issue many managers face currently. Beyond Mya viewing an employees activities, she can also view his or her full profile, giving her a more in-depth view into their development, annual goals and performance, and where they sit on the Org Chart. All of the functionality listed above, Mya can reach from her mobile device before even getting in to the office.




3)Executive Team Activities – Presentations / Succession Planning, Alumni Management via the SAP Cloud Platform.

Mya Cooper, the manager mentioned above, is also part of the Executive Team in her organization. The Executive Team is currently going through a Leadership Development Planning meeting where Mya’s organization wants to identify top talent in their organization and how they can position them for leadership roles. It is Mya’s responsibility to present her teams talent information to the Executive Team and it’s never been easier with Presentations, from SAP SuccessFactors. Prior to SAP SuccessFactors, Mya would be calling different departments and different HR Business Partners to get the necessary talent information on these employees, and by the time she got it, put it in excel, moved the data around and finally created a powerpoint, the information would be out of date. Now she can simply upload a powerpoint or PDF to SAP SuccessFactors and begin pulling live talent data and blending it into her presentation. The best part about this is whenever a change occurs, it’s automatically reflected in Mya’s Presentation. She doesn’t need to re-upload or rebuild the presentation, everything is handled for her!



Mya has also been tasked with finding potential hires for hard-to-fill positions. An untapped resource for a lot of organizations is actually their alumni. That’s where the SAP Alumni App – built on the SAP Cloud Platform – comes in. The SAP Cloud Platform gives organizations the ability to build their own applications using SAP SuccessFactors data (and data from other SAP Solutions). SAP Alumni Management was built by Enterprise Jungle, a third party company, and uses existing data from your SAP SuccessFactors system.




Below are 3 of the most common questions that came up during the Business Reimagined Tour:

Q: “How do we get mobile access?”

A: SAP SuccessFactors customers have access to whatever modules / functionality they’ve purchased and implemented. For example, if a customer just has Goals and Performance Management up and running today, they will have access to just the Goals and Performance features on the mobile device.

Getting users set up is fairly simple and it usually takes less than 2 minutes. Users simply download the SuccessFactors mobile application from the app store, log in to the web version of SuccessFactors and under Options and Mobile, they can scan a QR Code to link their account.


Q: “What portions (modules) of SuccessFactors are you showing?”

A: SAP SuccessFactors takes “Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere” approach to delivering our solution. Simply what this means is organizations don’t have to rip and replace their entire HRIS to purchase and implement any portion of SAP SuccessFactors. If your biggest HR pain points are around Recruiting, you can start with fixing Recruiting, then address the other areas of your organization as you see fit.

The modules we touched in 3 demo loops were:

  • Employee Central to show Requesting Time off and viewing Pay Statements
  • Goals & Performance Management for Continuous Performance Management.
  • Presentations which is part of the SAP SuccessFactors Foundation. This means that any customer that has any portion of SAP SuccessFactors will have access to Presentations.
  • The SAP Cloud Platform is also brought up when showing the Alumni Management application.



Q: “Why aren’t we using this?” (Referring to Presentations for Succession Planning)

A: Seriously, this question came up more than once with customers that are currently using SAP SuccessFactors today. There were big smiles on their faces when we told them Presentations is part of SuccessFactors foundation, so they already have it and just need to get it up and running.


To see a short video of Continuous Performance Management, watch the video below:

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