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  1. Kishore Marodia

    Great stuff Harsh. When i first saw the title, i thought “Oh, one more article on same topic”, but you have provided good insights with overall perspectives.

  2. Former Member

    Just stumbled on this… Appreciate your sharing alot !!!!! I love your simple and concise explanation…

    It is a headache to keep data consistency across all clients now that house bank/ accounts is a masterdata not a configuration ….

  3. Klaus Biegelbauer

    Dear Harsha,

    I would like to inform you that this blog was one of the most valuable blogs I have ever read regarding bank account Management in S4/HANA. The existing documentation by SAP does not fully cover this topic.

    Thank you for sharing!

  4. Former Member


    Great article… a quick question if I may

    We have changed a House Bank and it is not Activated … do I need a separate authorised person to do this, and what Role do they need?  we can we the revision generated ok. Please advise how to Activate Revision




    1. Former Member Post author

      Trevor – House Bank setup is managed through configuration. There is no need for a separate activation of House Bank. If you are referring to Account ID, then yes, SAP provides two options. (1) Save it as draft (2) Save it as active. You can check authorizations available for each of these in SU53 and determine if any security profile updates are needed. Otherwise, same person/user can create and activate the Account ID, based on their authorization.


  5. Former Member

    We are changing through Fiori App – there appears only to be a SAVE option … then we get the below message

    Information – Revision 0004 created. Contact another authorized user to activate it.

    1. Former Member Post author

      Can you share a screenshot and/or the long text of that information message? I can’t place where you are seeing this message.



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