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You’ve finally settled into your cozy role as the Chief Technology Officer of a small to mid-sized corporation. Landing the job was a combination of your sharp wit, amicability, and deep insight into which direction the company needs to follow to truly innovate and excel when it comes to technological implementation. But just as you try to get into the rhythm and groove of things, several people come knocking on your door with a flurry of administrative and technical questions.

Social interactions take a chunk of time out of the schedule of most individuals in the classic C-suite, an article on this phenomenon in the Harvard Business Review notes: “The more highly related the business activities, the more time a leader is likely to spend on integration issues, working with colleagues at the next level down in committees or one-on-one.” Technological expertise and handling the bureaucratic machine collide together when it comes to the role of a CTO.

Time is a precious resource for anyone in top-level executive positions, and the CTO position is no exception. SuccessFactors is a robust cloud-based HR platform that can help you streamline organization and management tasks so that there are fewer people interrupting your day through direct reports. Let’s see how SuccessFactors can bring tremendous benefits to your productivity by minimizing time spent on technical and administrative clarifications.

Overview Clarity

Being able to visualize and see everything at once allows you to develop a much quicker and more accurate intuitive assessment of any situation. This is no surprise either, visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than textual information. Overview clarity allows you to assess performance and manage oversight on employee expenditures and actions clearly.

Having a bird’s eye view can really help you develop different problem-solving approaches to problems relating to employee command stratification and reporting procedures. The exact premise of SAP SuccessFactors is to offer you this perspective through a variety of unique modules. What kind of new perspectives and features are available?

The SuccessFactors Time and Attendance Management module allows CTOs greater overview clarity in two ways: automation and visualization. The first thing that this module accomplishes in terms of automation is its introduction of a more accessible two-way reporting channel as it “empowers employees to manage their time-related information with greater ease on their mobile device of choice.” Mobile access to for employees on all levels improves productivity by 40 percent.

With regard to visualization, this benefit is afforded by all SuccessFactors modules as the data pertinent to the module is collected and presented in a manner that allows for insights and critical adjustments to be easily made. For instance, the Time and Attendance Management module includes visual elements related to workforce demand forecasting, employee scheduling and conflicts, absence and leave management, project-based time recording, and much more.

Community Management

Smooth and successful teamwork is the child of a tightly-knit, trusting community. Therefore, having the means to manage and actually engage with the community will enhance engagement and the productivity of all team members belonging to that community. From start to finish, SuccessFactors allows you to achieve the highest resolution and greatest impact towards the creation of a vibrant community with company culture.

Let’s walk through some of these steps to explain how SuccessFactors achieves these results. The Recruiting and Onboarding module starts things off by streamlining and automating talent acquisition for your company and providing suitable training for new employees to become a productive part of the existing workforce. HR costs are reduced by more than a quarter (26%) due to the seamless integration and single system setup of SuccessFactors modules.

Combined with overview clarity, SuccessFactors contributes to the simplification of skill-based task allocation. As a CTO, you will be able to evaluate how each employee is performing with regards to the length of their career at the company, their contributions, and their involvement and helpfulness in group efforts. This way, you will be able to travel across the span and history of different employees and come up with the best groupings to produce optimal results.

Statistical Reporting and Insight

Any head of technology at a company is familiar with the undeniable significance of data-driven initiatives and objectives, especially when it concerns online growth. The shape and identity of your company will grow and develop in an ideal way if decisions are made that have statistical weight and backing behind them. Even if such pushes do not work, the data that they produce will allow you to diagnose where you and your team erred and correct that in the future.


SuccessFactors stays as a faithful companion to this concept with its Workforce Planning and Analytics features. Aside from the human aspect associated with the facets of assessment and reporting in your company, identifying statistical insights and mathematical patterns gives your business the opportunity to address resource gaps and enable more strategic and operational maneuverability in your executive decisions. When using HR software that allows for planning, monitoring, and simulation, there is 72 percent less manual reporting – a big reduction for reporting inefficiency associated with bureaucracy.


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