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Author's profile photo Ido Shemesh

Collaboration in SAP Cloud Platform Portal sites with SAP Jam [Part 1]

Hi, in this post I would like to show how Portal users can leverage SAP Jam to add collaboration capabilities to their Portal sites.

The SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) Portal provides flexible UI tools for building great looking business sites that bring together business applications, data and web content. With the Portal you can integrate  various tools and services delivered on SCP harmonizing them to create comprehensive business solutions.

In this first part of the post, I’d like to show how SCP users can leverage their SAP Jam account to add collaboration capabilities to their Portal sites using out of the box integration and custom development.

In the second part, you can follow a step-by-step guide to integrating SAP Jam Embeddable Widgets into your Portal sites.


Out of the Box Portal Integration with Jam

The SCP Portal service offers two main user experience options – Fiori Launchpad Sites for application and process centric solutions and Freestyle sites combining business applications with web content in a flexible custom web site design. Both offer different integrations with SAP Jam out of the box.

For Fiori Launchpad sites the integration adds various capabilities such as:

  1. Displaying the user’s profile picture from SAP Jam on the Launchpad’s ‘ME Area’. – this capability has recently been removed in compliance with GDPR.
  2. A jam notifications tile displaying the latest notifications received in the user’s SAP Jam account.
  3. A dedicated tile for each one of the user’s Jam groups. The tile displays information about the time the last group activity occurred and users can click on it to navigate directly to the SAP Jam group.
  4. In addition, Share and Discuss capabilities are added to Launchpad applications enabling end users to communicate with a particular SAP Jam group.

SAP has enabled these collaboration features in the productive Fiori Launchpad site that it offers its 70,000+ employees – as can be seen in the screenshot.

The Launchpad enables users to easily access self service transactions (like managing time-off, viewing pay slips etc.) from any device within or outside the corporate network.

To enjoy this integration in your Fiori Launchpad sites portal admins need to complete the SAP Cloud Platform and Jam integration configuration and specifically enable Jam Integration in their Launchpad site settings configuration. For more information on this configuration click here.

Once this configuration is completed and Jam integration is enabled, the SAP Jam Content Catalog is assigned to the Launchpad and end users can select their Jam tiles from the Launchpad App Finder and add them to their home page.


For Freestyle Portal sites SAP provides 3 widgets that can be embedded within your site pages side by side with other business applications and web content:

Search widget that allows end users to search through the content of their company JAM account (restricted to their permissions of course).

Group Feed Widget displaying the feed from a selected Jam group and allowing users to interact and post their comments.

Content widget displaying the documents, folders and resources of a selected group allowing end users to download or access them in their Jam account.

These 3 widgets are provided with the Portal and admins can add them to their portal sites by selecting them from the content catalog:

The widgets can be used after completing the configuration steps similar to the ones required for Fiori Launchpad sites. You can see the 3 widgets embedded in a freestyle portal page together with web content in the screen shot below:

For more information on Jam integration with Freestyle portal sites click here.


Custom Portal Integration with Jam

The SAP Cloud Platform provides development tools and runtime environments that users can use to develop and run their own custom collaboration experiences with Jam in their Portal sites.

SAP Jam OData APIs

SAP Jam provides extensive OData APIs. SCP users can develop their own integration experience by developing custom apps in their SAP Web IDE. Using the platform’s connectivity service your custom app can easily interact with Jam OData endpoints. Finally, add the custom app to your portal sites as a widget or shell plugin and provide your end users with a custom collaboration experience. For more information on SAP Jam OData click here.

 SAP Jam embeddable widgets

SAP Jam provides an integration feature called – Embeddable Widgets. This allows Jam admins to embed SAP Jam collaboration data and functionality directly into web applications and Portal sites. These Jam div-embedded widgets offer a quick and easy to use solution allowing users to discuss and comment within your sites. The Jam admin space provides 3 types of Widget Builders that enable admins to easily generate JavaScript code snippets for Jam Feed, Recommendations and Share capabilities. For more information on Jam embeddable widgets click here.


In the 2nd part of this post we will see how to embed Jam Embeddable widgets in our Portal

sites. Stay tuned 🙂


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      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams

      Hi Ido, nice post, thanks for the heads-up. I tried to follow the documentation at the link you mentioned ( to set up the SCP / Jam integration for my trial account and my new developer Jam account, but some of the instructions weren't clear. For example, I didn't know what exact URL to specify for the Token Service URL as described here:


      However, I did some digging, and found some more recent documentation here: where some of the details are different to the documentation you pointed to.


      So I followed those instructions ... three times ... and still no success - the SAP Jam Content Catalog doesn't show up in the App Finder.


      Can you please let us know what we might be doing wrong?




      Author's profile photo Ido Shemesh
      Ido Shemesh
      Blog Post Author

      Hey dj,

      Thanks for the feedback. Take a look at the configuration below, hopefully this will make it clear how the JAM/SCP integration configuration on Trial should look like:

      Regards, Ido

      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams

      Thanks Ido, that's very helpful. With the screenshot you provided, and a re-reading of both (conflicting) sets of documentation, I got the "SAP Jam" catalog to appear (as well as my photo avatar appearing in the FLP). This is a good step forwards!


      It would be great if we could somehow persuade those responsible for documentation to align and remove the inconsistencies! 🙂




      Author's profile photo Christian Happel
      Christian Happel

      Hi DJ,

      The SAP Jam developer documentation uses a different destination name because it's used for the exercise to access SAP Jam APIs from the Web IDE.

      The only other difference I see is the URL: The Portal documentation uses but when you use the SAP Jam developer edition it needs to be as Ido mentioned.

      The sub-domain here indicates on which datacenter/landscape your SAP Jam tenant is located.

      If you have more things that are wrong about our SAP Jam developer document, we'd love to hear about it, so that we can fix them.

      Thanks, Christian

      Author's profile photo Sai Sankara Rao Battula
      Sai Sankara Rao Battula


      I have integrated jam to my cloud account, but not able to see my pic on SCP FLP site.

      beow steps performed:

      1. create account in sap jam.
      2.  sap jam admin - truset oauth and destination completed
      3. FLP site created and site settings changed to integrate jam
      4. uploaded the profile pic in jam.

      but it is not reflecting in flp site after publish, am I missing anything here?


      Sai Battula.

      Author's profile photo Ido Shemesh
      Ido Shemesh
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sai,

      Unfortunately this capability has been removed from the Fiori Launchpad as part of the GDPR alignment. To set a users image on the launchpad's Me Area user icon try following the instrucations detailed in this blog:

      Custom User Image in Fiori 2.0


      Note that you can also use the following Shell service to get the currently logged in User and its details (id, email, full name etc) :

      var oUser = new;

      Regards, Ido

      Author's profile photo DJ Adams
      DJ Adams

      Thanks Christian, fair enough. I think the URLs for the destination definition were a bit odd, and didn't match up. If I get a moment later this week I'll compare things again and let you know. But thanks for jumping in here - multiple documentation sources (nearly always) better than fewer! All good. Cheers! DJ

      Author's profile photo Anurag Shyamala
      Anurag Shyamala

      Thanks for putting this together Ido! I'll try this out this week with my trial instances.

      Author's profile photo Ashlin Kandan
      Ashlin Kandan

      Hi Ido,


      Can you advise if there is any configuration required to get the SAML IDPs option under Integrations?

      In my SAP Jam admin, it does not show up.




      Author's profile photo Nidhi Goyal
      Nidhi Goyal

      Hi Ido,

      I am not able to access the SAP JAM service via free developer trail account on SCP.

      Is this removed or renamed?