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Hello community,

This is our U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2017 blog. If you have questions about 2017 Year-End reporting, you can post it here. This blog will be updated with tips and SAP Notes related to this subject:

SAP Notes

2588780 – TR: Year End 2017 Additional U.S. Tax Reporter Changes for WV

2594678 – TR: South Carolina SUI electronic file rejected by Tax Authority

2592961 – TR: Idaho W-2 electronic file rejected by Tax Authority

2593662 – TR: HR_F_MMREF_PR is not showing Roth Contribution information

2591465 – TR: Year End 2017 Additional U.S. Tax Reporter Changes for MS

2590720 – TR: W-2 Electronic File for Missouri not printing Federal Income Tax Withheld in record RS

2590703 – TR: Year End 2017 Additional U.S. Tax Reporter Changes for GA, NM and VT.

2589559 – TR: Short Dump in Log Manager when clicking to display a deleted Online W-2 PDF Form

2587198 – TR: Year End 2017 Additional U.S. Tax Reporter Changes For DC, HI, KS, MA, MT, WI

2585266 – TR: Transaction PC00_M10_ONW2 displays only the first page from an Online W-2 form

2583106 – TR: Year End 2017 Additional Changes for Puerto Rico Tax Reporter

2581466 – BSI: Tax Type 95 for South Dakota

2571096 – Year End 2017 Phase III for U.S. Tax Repórter

2579526 – TR: Online Selections for W-2 (3228) infotype incorrectly denies saving records due to TR production run

2567753 – TR: Q4/2017 Functional changes for U.S. Tax Reporter

2564514 – TR: Long time running Tax Reporter

2559178 – GARN: Runtime error TABLE_INVALID_INDEX for GRORD

2541636 – REC: Payroll Reconciliation Splitter background jobs issue

2545333 – Year End 2017 Phase II for U.S. Tax Repórter

2565244 – TR: Employee’s Last Name is not being displayed on Form W-2 for Puerto Rico

2559933 – TR: Tax Reporter W-2 selection-screen for test mode presents overlapping elements

2563715- When you run payroll, you get Runtime Error GENERATE_SUBPOOL_DIR_FULL with exception CX_SY_GENERATE_SUBPOOL_FULL

2546739 – TR: Tax Reporter attempts reading nonexistent payroll results for Form 941-X

2548989 – TR: Online W-2 generation error “Export error: Attribute ‘AT_TRW2_RUN_TYPE’ is not valid”

2518875 – Year end 2017 Phase I for U.S. Tax Reporter

2519671 – U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2017 Announcement

2499667 – PY: When-paid entries missing in CRT when executing the payroll driver for US/CA

2464078 – TR: 1099-R User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration

2464161 – TR: W-2 User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration

2463999 – TR: Tax Reporter User Guides for HCM US Tax Reporter configuration

2466222 – TR: Year End Tax Reporter Documentation for HCM US Tax Reporter

Knowledge Base Articles

2588925 – Tax type 87 for New York

2552908 – Incorrect formulas in BTXFORM table

2529963 – U.S. Tax Reporter Year End 2017

2480185 – Tax Reporter Solution Educational Videos

Additional information

The Year-end content is now available on Globalization Finder page at the SAP ERP US Tax Reporter Solution document solution.

To access HCM US site, please go to and select United States, then select Find all US-related documentation, then choose SAP ERP U.S. Tax Reporter Solution document.

To be able to access the Year-end 2017 in the Globalization finder page you need to be logged on (similar to SAP Service Marketplace) because it is a gated area and would need authorization.

Thank you,

Kind regards,

Graziela Dondoni

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  1. Mani Kak

    Hi Everybody,


    Thanks for your candid feedback, appreciated. Taken!


    Now, one thing that we also expect from our decades old users and experts is to analyze as to why SAP delivered the way they delivered and guide other newer member of SAP community to think in the right direction. It is not that SAP has not delivered similar code to do calculation before. Yes, we had a few options how we could have delivered this Legal Change and we picked the one that could be delivered in short time. I have been in touch with Authority from December last year. They published the spec on Jan 23rd only after I escalated expressing how employers and software vendors are tense because of them not publishing yet and with the type of change they are asking. I even expressed that they need to think from Software vendors point of view as well when releasing such changes that late.


    The new requirement on RV record for State of WV is pertaining to Form IT103 (Annual reconciliation). This form is not a new form for employers and SAP does not deliver form IT103. You can use Tax Reporter to generate one though and I am sure you (employers) have been submitting this form in past years.  Above all this is not an employee level form but at a company level. So you have different options –

    1. To re-run Production and have the amount in cluster you can use –
      1. BadI
    2. Due to time constraint and not being able to re-run production (this will not create entries in cluster), you can
      1. Plug in the amounts in “Ordirectly” field of RV record. This is not complicated, is it?


    Yes, one thing that we could have done better (which due other Year End tasks and urgency to release this SAP Note was missed)  is to mention in the SAP Note that users who do not wish to re-run Production can use “Ordirectly” field on RV record. We have already updated and released  the SAP Note 2588780.


    Blogs are open for all users to help each other and guide the users who are not familiar with the potential of Tax Reporter Solution. I would request all experienced Users/independent consultants using this blog or any other Jam site to help others on how they can achieve the results. In this case I would have expected that a response would have been something like  – “You don’t have to write the custom code and re-run Production but plug in entries in “Ordirectly” for the applicable location on RV record”.


    We already have this item on our pipeline to be evaluated for automatic calculations and to be considered for next year end.  Again this is for consideration and is subject to change based on prioritization of Legal Changes that might come up.

    Best Regards,
    Mani Kak
    Product Manager, Globalization Product Management

    Local Solutions. Global Success.
    Visit GS Jam for more info
    SAP Globalization Services  SAP HR USA

    GS-US finder page  TR Solution Document


    1. Pradeep Bondla

      Thank you for the update Mani.

      We will consider option 2 provided by you (and updated in blog) for this year and hope you will come up with the full / permanent solution by next year (2018 year end).


      Thank you,


    1. Mani Kak

      If you are asking for Tax Reporter then no, there is no year round blog/Jam. This Blog is only active and actively monitored by some during the year end time.

      We would like to see how many SAP customers are actively participating, helping each other and are benefitting from the blog before we open it for Year round (blog/Jam). Currently when i click on some of the names, i don’t even know which company they are employees of and/or independent consultant.

      we have a JAM site for Benefit Solution – ACA in pilot phase.

      Take Care,


  2. Sherry L Beall


    WV is using this form HR_MMREF_1_GEN which is a generic form and is used by other states such as AZ, DC, ND and DE.


    If we update the “or directly” field with WV’s information, how will it affect the forms used by these other states?

    1. Mani Kak


      Hi Sherry,


      I just checked our system, we delivered HR_F_MMREF_1_WV file format. Looks like  (i need to confirm with dev) the T51T5 was not updated at least in the release i checked. If you need to submit it this week, i would suggest that you create an entry with HR_F_MMREF_1_WV and authority WV so that HR_F_MMREF_1_WV file is generated (if only GEN is being generated).  Also i would request you to open a HIGH incident as well. Thanks.

      Best Regards,

      Mani Kak
      Product Manager, Globalization Product Management

      Local Solutions. Global Success.
      Visit GS Jam for more info
      SAP Globalization Services  SAP HR USA

      GS-US finder page  TR Solution Document

  3. Clo Caesar

    Hi Graziela,

    Should an update to a Federal or State EIN trigger a W-2C in Tax Reporter?

    In this example, the company generated W-2s for all employees and later noticed the EIN for OH was incorrect. They updated T5UTI and now they want to issue W-2cs. The W-2s have been filed with an as of date. They select manual selection for W-2Cs and use a later as of date. However, the W-2C is not being produced. Is this the expected behavior?


  4. Chandramouly Veeramony

    Hello Folks, we are applying the new BSI Cyclic S (10.0s) and found a new local tax authority named “UNKNOWN LOCAL” , BSI tax code – 00248888. Anyone know anything about this new “unknown” tax authority? its mapped to Maryland (MD).






    IRS has reduced the limit for HSA to $6850  (Bulletin No. 2018–10). Will a SAP note be released for this?

    If so, when is it expected?




    1. Roger Oliveira

      Hello MANDAR MULEY ,

      I believe that you are referring to the legal change published on

      Am I right?

      If so, I recommend you check the legal change notification at the link above. The development team post there information about upcoming legal changes and its planned release date.

      You can also filter the results for the desired subjects.

      Please notice that this Blog Thread aims to address issues only with Tax Reporter and Year End process, posting another subjects may cause confusion.


      Roger Oliveira


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