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  1. Harris Veziris

    As a Greek I must add that actually first letter is y, since h is the Latin inscription of Greek rough breathing (ὕβρις), therefore it is indeed the right logo.

  2. Former Member


    Thank you Tim, for providing us insight in your creative process.

    Your description reminded me on two occations in recents months, where I was in contact with persons who have an y in their surname (which is not very common for German family names). One of them was the sales assistant of my car dealer. When I phoned the car dealer the next day to ask some additional questions, I had embarrasingly forgotten her name. So I started the dialogue with “I talked to your colleague yesterday, …ehm, the lady with the Y in her name…” He instantly knew who I was talking about.

    So, this proves that the “y” helps to memorize Things very easily.


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