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SAP Mentors Program Turns 10!

Yes, the SAP Mentors Program celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The 2-page comic doesn’t do justice to the countless hours Mentors spent sharing SAP knowledge through blogs, discussion forums and at conferences and SAP Inside Tracks, nor the amount of insight and candid feedback they have shared directly with SAP teams. This is just a snapshot, and is only fitting to reflect how quickly 10 years have passed by.

This is my opportunity to thank Mark Finnern and other community visionaries for starting the SAP Mentors initiative in 2007. I want to also thank Jeanne Carboni for her trust, and Malin Liden for her support to allow me to lead this incredible SAP Mentors Program over these past 2 years.

Thank you SAP Mentors and Mentor-Alumni! What do you think Mentors, can we slow down just enough to celebrate 10 years of SAP Mentors?

Everyone, please celebrate this milestone by adding this 10th Anniversary badge to your Twitter or Facebook profile page. Stay tuned for announcements about special activities to celebrate this double-digit event.

Do you have a SAP Mentor-moments, or read an inspirational content from a SAP Mentor over the years? Please share in the comments section below. I would love to read what impact SAP Mentors had on your work, career or life.

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  • Very cool blog.  I love the Mentors program and am always impressed with how willing the group is to help and advise.  Happy Birthday Mentors!


    • Hi Brian, Thank you also for the active engagement you and the rest of the Cisco team have with the Mentors! See you at TechEd!

  • My SAP Mentor memory is actually a reflection from TechEd Las Vegas 2016, where the justification for my attendance at the event can be attributed to my colleague and friend Aviad Rivlin, who also happens to be a mentor ?  Demo booth duty was my primary responsibility during the event, but it was a truly rewarding experience for me to attend the event for the first time in several years.  The trip to Las Vegas presented me with countless opportunities to make personal connections, have face to face conversations, share a table with an army of mentors, and offer handshakes of gratitude for their tireless efforts in the larger SAP ecosystem.


    I have also had the opportunity to host SAP Mentor members in design council workshops, where their experiences and insight were very valued in the discussions.  I look forward to ongoing collaboration opportunities in SAP Jam, here in the community, and future in-person events.


    We are better together – Happy 10th anniversary SAP Mentors!

    • Thanks for sharing this Jeremy! Missed meeting up with you at TechEd Las year but heard you had great insights and feedback for the Community team. Looking forward to connecting with you in person.

  • Prompted by Jeremy’s comment over on coffee corner and your blog Jason, I wanted to share my experience with the SAP Mentors. And I do want to name names :). People who I have found to have gone beyond the call of duty in my opinion and directly helped me in my contributions to the glory days of SDN/SCN and now the current SAP Community site.


    First off I would like to thank Sergio Ferrari (mentor alumni) who picked up on some of my contributions and was amazingly helpful and open to promote ideas. It was via Sergio I became aware of the SAP Mentor program.  I found Sergio not protective of knowledge and had a proactive willingness to share ideas that went beyond my expectations. So much so I think the company Sergio works for have mentors that followed in his footsteps. Thank you Sergio.


    Next up and in purely sequential order but absolutely along the lines of Sergio I have to thank Tammy Powlas. Again Tammy was prepared to give up time and help with my requests and promote ideas for all. I do find it quite amazing and envious of Tammy and Sergio’s time management skills :). Tammy seems to have some sort of super power SAP intuition skills to know how to contribute and promote ideas. And via Tammy I did get to share a comment with you Jason :).  Thank you Tammy.


    Next in line for my sequential mentions is Matthias Steiner (mentor alumni I think but still has the badge?? ) and Moya Watson who work for SAP and both promoting SAP Cloud Platform in the best possible ways in my opinion.  Those being inclusion and promoting community wide involvement. Again both have given up time to help me out and have the ability to know how to add value. Thank you Matthias and Moya.


    I am glad that Sergio, Tammy, Matthias and Moya have given up their time to not only help me but to also promote ideas and the spirit of the SAP community. In my opinion they have not just ticked boxes to become Mentors but truly lead by example.




    • Robert!  Thanks for the kind shout-out. You are a shining light in the community.  Your technical prowess around geospatial has been nothing short of inspirational, and as you know, because of your generosity of sharing, we've been fortunate to have you speak at TechEd.  For a few brief moments while watching your session, I felt like an expert 🙂  Thank you for your continued contributions here and wherever you go.  Keep it up - always nice to see you.

  • The SAP Mentors rock! While working at SAP I’ve met several of them some years ago in a SIT and since them I’ve had countless interactions with the brazilian mentors. They helped to organize SIT’s, CodeJam’s, promote webinars around SAP topics relevant to the community and also provided valuable feedback to SAP about products in a sensible way.

    They’re are always supportive to showcase new SAP technologies and even to help SAP/Consultants/Customers with the old-school SAP products/modules. I think that one of the most valuable lessons that could be taken from them is that the best way to improve things is to share your knowledge so that problems become smaller for everyone.

    Another remarkable thing is their ability to discuss serious topics and have fun at the same time. Great discussions  and laughs about ABAP, Nota Fiscal and ECC over coffee-break sessions and pub crawls during and after SIT’s and other events. Hope they make another 10 years of great collaboration and community spirit!


    • Hi Renan, thanks for sharing your experiences from engaging with Brazilian mentors. "Emotional intelligence" pops into my head when you describe these mentors.

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