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SAP BW/4HANA is SAP’s next generation data warehouse, optimized to run only on SAP HANA. It is SAP’s most powerful data warehouse to date and adds in-memory processing to provide incredible performance and new levels of simplicity.

Since the arrival of the game changing SAP HANA, it was only a matter of time before BW would be reinvented to power high performance data acquisition and analytics. But BW/4HANA is about more than just speed. It has lost the complexity that was needed to support non-HANA databases, meaning modelling has become simpler, which in turn has lead to greater agility.

Whilst it holds on to many of the design principles first developed with classic BW, BW/4HANA is a brand new solution with a fresh approach. It is critical to invest in BW/4HANA education for your employees to maximize the full potential of your BW/4HANA implementation. Experienced BW team members must “unlearn” some approaches which are no longer optimal for BW/4HANA, learning instead new techniques to ensure the HANA in-memory engines do all the heavy work.

Those who are already experienced with classic BW should upgrade their skills now, so they are fully prepared to participate in BW/4HANA projects. This means :

  • Using the new BW/4HANA user interfaces that have been redesigned to support modelling data models and data flows, query building and administration.
  • Working with new modelling approaches which lean heavily towards a virtualised data warehouse and mixing SQL based data models from native HANA.
  • Using the new best practices for BW/4HANA with LSA++, instead of the old LSA
  • Taking advantage of the staggering data integration possibilities. BW/4HANA can consume any type of data, from anywhere. You need to learn how to connect both physical and virtual data sources
  • Understanding how to manage data temperatures. What is hot, warm, cool, cold data? We’ll show you.

To begin your BW/4HANA journey,  a great place to start is the openSAP course ‘BW/4HANA in a Nutshell’. This provides a high level overview and builds a great foundation. You should then move on to develop core BW/4HANA skills by taking further SAP Education courses where you will go deeper and develop practical skills with plenty of hands-on opportunities.

If you already have SAP BW experience you should follow one of our new delta courses – the detailed 5 day BW462 , for those upskilling from classic (non-HANA) BW, or the 2 day DBW4H for those upskilling from BW Powered by HANA. Both delta courses bring you to the same outcome: new skills in BW/4HANA so you are fully prepared to be an effective member of the project team.

We have also just launched a new certification – E_BW4HANA_13  – SAP Certified Application Specialist – SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA (based on the BW462 course), so consultants can gain a qualification to prove their knowledge.

But what if you are completely new to BW?  We  have been busy developing courses suitable  for those without any SAP BW background, to cover all key areas of BW/4HANA.  Already available are the BW405 (Query Design) and BW410 (Data Warehousing), with courses for Data Modeling (BW430) and Data Acquisition (BW450) expected in Q1 2018.

Don’t forget, we also have an active SAP Learning Room in SAP Learning Hub –  ‘SAP BW powered by SAP HANA & SAP BW/4HANA Learning Room’. This room has many members already benefiting from the support and guidance of BW/4HANA instructors and experts.


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  1. Mark Green

    Thanks for the guidance, Christine.
    I have delivered BW classes from the very first version (1.2a) in 1998 and have alway been very excited to see the new releases arrive and help students upskill.  Occasionally, with minor releases, it was possible to learn on the job about the new features between releases, or just read about them in the documentation. But BW/4HANA is VERY different to classic BW in just about all areas – BEx has been replaced, Data Warehousing Workbench has been replaced, Infocubes have gone away and new InfoProviders have arrived. Also BW modeling meets HANA modeling to create a new hybrid type of modeling.  I deliver BW/4HANA classes and can tell you that the classroom is the best way to upgrade your skills in a face-to-face environment with the experts.  Hope to see you in class.

    1. Christine Arundell Post author


      Hi Nina, glad you found the blog helpful!

      BW462 is indeed available in the Learning Hub as an e-book – and we also have SAP Live Access available for this course so Learning Hub learners can get hands-on system experience while they are working through the course content.

  2. David Fleischlin

    Hi Christine

    I’d like to get an update on your courses regarding people with no BW skills at all. To this date you offer BW405 and BW410 and want to offer BW430 in Q1 2018 and BW450 in Q2 2018.

    Are you also going to add a certificate based on these four courses (with similar effort to the SAP Certified Application Associate – Modeling and Data Acquisition with SAP BW 7.5 powered by SAP HANA)? If yes, can I expect this certificate to be available shortly after the last course?


    Thanks for your answer

    David Fleischlin


    1. Christine Arundell Post author

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the question.

      Happy to tell you that yes, a certification is planned, and development is planned once the BW430 and BW450 are complete.

      I’ll update the blog again once available


      1. David Fleischlin

        Hi Christine,

        Thanks for your answer.

        Do you have any estimate on when this certificate is available? I’m planning ahead and have the option to take an exam around October 2018. Do you think I could do the BW/4HANA certificate (from the “become fully competent” tree) or don’t you like to make a guess as it is hard to tell how long it’s development takes?




        1. Christine Jackson Post author

          Hi David, currently we estimate that the certification based on the BW405/BW410/BW430/BW450 should be available end Q2/beginning Q3.  Please bear in mind that this is just an estimate and dates could change.


  3. martin olivia

    Thanks for your information.

    The “SAP Certified Application Specialist – SAP BW/4HANA 1.0 (Edition 2017) ” certification exam verifies that the candidate has the knowledge of implementing and modeling SAP BW/4HANA required by the profile of an SAP BW application consultant. This certificate builds on both the basic knowledge gained in related SAP BW/4HANA training and documentation, as well as on practical experience gained as a member of a SAP BW team where the candidate would apply this knowledge practically in projects. In order to be eligible to take this exam you have to have passed one of the following certification exams: C_TBW45_04s, C_TBW45_70, P_BIE_70, C_TBW55_73, P_BIE_73, C_TBW60_74, C_TBW65_73, C_TBW50H_75.

    1. Christine Jackson Post author


      Hi Martin, the details you provide above are for the specialist certification exam E_BW4HANA_13 – this is the exam based on the BW462 course for learners who are upskilling from classic BW to BW/4HANA.

      A different certification will be available for learners who are following the courses for newcomers (BW405, BW410, BW430, BW450) – so for those who do not already have a background in the earlier BW products.  This will have the code C_BW4HANA_14 and is currently in development – expect to see it sometime in Q3.



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