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Author's profile photo Gordon Leslie McDorman

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 IT Service Management – Quick Setup


There are lots and lots of activities in SAP Solution Manager Configuration – many of them mandatory. If you just want to set up one scenario – IT Service Management in this case – you don’t need to perform all of the cross-scenario activities.

As an exercise, we took a freshly installed system and performed only the setup activities necessary to get the basic IT Service Management scenario up and running. We wanted to see how much we could speed up the setup process by leaving out all extraneous activities which are not absolutely necessary for the single scenario. Indeed, we found we could significantly reduce the number of activities and hence the time required. This gave us food for thought for possible future simplification of SAP Solution Manager Configuration.

However before we get around to changing the Solution Manager infrastructure – this will take some time – we thought we’d publish our results here, as you could immediately profit from this information should you want to just get Solution Manager IT Service Management quickly running on a new system. 

  • The results are based on SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP04, however later support packages should also be similar.
  • We also list the time it took for us to perform each activity. Since we were pretty familiar with the ITSM scenario, we had an unfair advantage. As they say, your mileage may vary.
  • It took us 5:52 minutes to perform the cross scenario configuration
  • We needed 49 minutes for the mandatory IT Service Management setup.
  • These times do not include asynchronous “wait” times, such as waiting for communications users to be created at SAP, or for long jobs to run. We started most such activities at the end of the day; they were completed by the time we started working the next day.
  • As such, we would expect the minimal setup procedure to take 2-3 days, but not with continuous effort for the whole of that time period.

Cross Scenario Mandatory Configuration

We required 5:52 minutes (about) to perform all the activities:

Scenario Step Activity Type (Automatic/ Manual/ Custom UI) Approximate Time in Minutes to Perform Activity
System Preparation Define System Role Define System Role Cust 5
Check “Post Installation” on ABAP Man 10
Check Secure Web Browser Comm. (HTTPS) Man 20
Check Transaction SPAU Man 15
Check Virus Scan Profile Parameters Man 0
Check TMS Configuration Auto 1
Check License Key Auto 0
Check ABAP System Profile Parameters Auto 2
Check ABAP Software Prerequisites Auto 1
RFC Connectivity RFC Connectivity Cust 10
Support Hub Connectivity Configure Support Hub Connectivity Auto 120
Correction for SNOTE Correction for SNOTE Cust 10
Essential ABAP Corrections Essential ABAP Corrections Cust 30
Maintain Users Maintain Users Cust 10
Infrastructure Preparation SLD Connection SLD Connection Cust 10
LMDB Synchronization LMDB Synchronization Cust 3
LMDB Content Check LMDB Content Check Cust 3
Configure SAPConnect Cust 5
Configure CRM Technically Upgrade Products Man 3
Deactivate Creation of BDocs Man 5
Maintain Product ID Length Auto 3
Create Hierarchy for Material Products Auto 3
Maintain Number Range for Material Auto 3
Prepare IBase Auto 3
Set Priorities for CRM Transaction Types Auto 3
Enable Gateway Services Enable Gateway Services Cust 7
Basic Configuration
Activate Piece Lists Auto  6
Activate Services Auto  4
Schedule Jobs Schedule Jobs Cust 10
Configure Manualy Business Partner for Scenario Users Man 15
Clear Caches for Launchpad Man 2
Managed System Configuration
Maintain RFCs Maintain RFCs Cust 30

IT Service Management Scenario Configuration

It took us 49 minutes to perform the activities in this scenario.

Parent step Substep Automatic Activity Manual Activity Optional/ Mandatory Time (Minutes)
Perform Prerequisites
Check Prerequisites 1
Check Solution Manager Central Correction Note Man. 0
Check Piece List Activation Man. 0
Check Connection to SAP Backbone Man. 0
Check LMDB Configuration Man. 0
Check Backgrounds Jobs Man. 0
Check Service Activation Man. 0
Check and Set Up Number Ranges Man. 0
Check IBase Component and IObject Creation Man. 0
Check SAP Connect Configuration Man. 0
Configure Manual Prerequisites
Enable Business Functions for ITSM Man. 10
Maintain SAP Customer Number Man. 2
Configure Automatic Prerequisites
Create Hierarchy for Service Products Man. 5
Background Job for Communication with SAP Man. 10
Update Search Helps for IBase Objects (Only visible when needed) Man. 0
Configure Transaction Types
Copy Transaction Types
Copy Transaction Type Man. 5
Define Copy Control for Transactions Types Man. 1
Specify Mapping Rules for Copy Control Man. 1
 Maintain Transaction Types (Custom UI) 2
Set Up Business Partner
Add Contact Person to Business Partners Man. 1
Configure Landscape
Perform Prerequisites
Check BACK RFC Man. 1
Check BCOS_CUST Man. 5
Check iBase Entry Man. 0
Set Up Users and Partners
Create Users and Business Partners
Maintain Users and Business Partners Man. 1
Maintain AISUSER Man. 2
Configure UI
Set Up SAP Fiori Apps
Configure SAP Fiori Launchpad Opt. 1
Maintain SAP Partner
Set Up SAP Customer Numbers
Maintain SAP Customer Number Man. 1



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      Author's profile photo Veeramalla V
      Veeramalla V

      Thanks Gordan, for high level activities and time lines.

      For system preparation ,infrastructure preparation, basic and managed system configuration steps  are streamlined and not many issues .

      But as per experience with recent ITSM setup with 7.2 sp3 , BI Related activities mored time compare with configuration steps.

      Do we have any preconfigured Solution manager is available apart from CAL?  , it's very challenging for us to give the demos and convincing the customers .




      Author's profile photo Erick Verbena
      Erick Verbena


      Hi Veeramalla


      Can you share with me some step by step configuration about ITSM?


      For your last comment, it seems you have huge experience about ITSM implementation.



      Author's profile photo Erick Verbena
      Erick Verbena




      Why in some fields (minutes) is in zero in IT Scenario Configuration?



      Author's profile photo Gordon Leslie McDorman
      Gordon Leslie McDorman
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Erick,

      I entered zero for several automatic activities where I did not have to do anything. For example, you can see that I entered 1 minute for the "Check Prerequisites" activity but 0 for the automatic activity. That means, I spent 1 minute looking at and/or automatically executing all the activities at once. It would not make sense to divide up the 60 seconds among each automatic activity when I handled them in a batch. 🙂



      Author's profile photo Erick Verbena
      Erick Verbena

      Thank you McDorman 🙂

      Author's profile photo Pasha Syed
      Pasha Syed

      Hello Gordon,


      Could you please share the document with screenshots to configure ITSM on Solman 7.2 SP08 .


      Thanks in Advance,






      Author's profile photo Muhammad Usman
      Muhammad Usman

      Hi Everyone,


      Could someone please share step by step ITSM Configuration document. Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Michael Vollmer
      Michael Vollmer

      Hi Muhammad, please check this link:

      Author's profile photo Muhammad Usman
      Muhammad Usman

      Dear Michael,


      Thanks for answering. Could you please share any reference for ITSM configuration?

      Author's profile photo Michael Vollmer
      Michael Vollmer

      Hi Muhammad,

      I changed the area but my colleagues told me that you check:

      2507306 - Configuration guides for Charm and ITSM - Solution Manager 7.2

      2451880 - Configuration and Administration of ITSM on 7.2

      Best regards,