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SAP GUI – Options show keys within dropdown lists

Hi All,

There is an option in SAP GUI that helps with understanding data better especially for data migration. Once data is loaded when viewing the data in the transaction screen there is usually a need to know the keys that go with the description that appears on the screen. I’ve found this very useful during dev and unit testing.


For example, in case of material master, the material type usually appears as just the description without the corresponding four letter code (key) in the drop down menu. Fig 1 shows the MM01 transaction for creating a material.

In order to see the keys alongside the descriptions in a dropdown menu, open the options screen on the SAP GUI Easy Access window.



Under “Interactive Design” click on option “Visualization1”. Under the section “Controls”, check the option “Show keys within dropdown lists”.

Once selected close the dialog box as there is no “OK” button.  Close the GUI windows and open a new SAP GUI (Easy Access) screen.


When a transaction code is executed, the dropdown menu will contain the keys in the left of each description. Below is the example of the MM01 transaction code.



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