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Author's profile photo Dominik Bigl

Why I still try to use SCN


I’ve used several SAP and nonSAP platforms to solve my issues or questions in the past (SDN, SCN, SAP Notes, StackOverflow, different Q&A Pages,…). Mostly found via Google Search, and so

I really didn’t care much about design, layout, usability or…

I just needed some idea to solve my problem! I never thought about these girls or guys who help me.

Encouraged by one of my colleagues I thought about my role in my firm and also the SAP community:

  • Could I really help others?
  • Do others really need my help?
  • Where and how can I help others?


I decided to give it a try and so I came back to after some years and was forwarded to and – …the first time I was really shocked (really like WTF!!!).

But this also happened so many times at some other pages and I also dislike StackOverflow or other Q&A platforms, so maybe it’s my fault!

When I had read some blogs and discussions (e.g. Has The New SAP Community Killed The Community?) I was still really “disappointed”, but then I remembered my days at school: I learned the most when I explained things to others!

And so: I really don’t care about design, layout, usability or…

If I can find some question on SCN (hard enough 😉 ) and may have a suggestion or possible solution or – even better – have no idea what the question is about, I try to solve it!

Not just for the user or the community, not for any kind of points, not for praise – but to learn something new and to get better! At least in solving unforeseen problems!

A better platform would be great and could help find and offer solutions and maybe will encourage others to participate in the community.

Community Member

I now try to use SCN as a kind of problem generator, and solve them – just like daily business but with a safety net!

And most of the problems I’m facing have already been solved on any page!


Big thanks to all of you for providing and solving problems!

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      Author's profile photo Joachim Rees
      Joachim Rees

      Hey Dominik,

      thanks for sharing, and great that you are back here!

      You might (or might not) have learned, that CoffeeCorner ( ) is one of the places where "The community" (=the people) still exist.

      As others do there with noticeable blogs, I linked yours there, too:





      Author's profile photo Craig S
      Craig S

      Much like you Dominik I'll probably always participate in any SAP Q&A app if it's relatively accessible. As an independent, I find it to my benefit to look for challenging questions that I can look to "solve" in a virtual way.  I find it helps me with the more unusual aspects of the software and a reminder of functionality I might lose touch with for a while if a particular client(s) are not using it in the project I'm might be currently working on.

      I do miss the community part and there is some of that in the coffee corner, but even that does not lend itself to the building of a real community.

      So I monitor a few tags and at least remain somewhat connected and help where I can.



      Author's profile photo Jerry Janda
      Jerry Janda

      Thanks for hanging in there, Dominik -- and welcome back!

      We agree with this statement: "A better platform would be great and could help find and offer solutions and maybe will encourage others to participate in the community." In fact, I doubt you'll find anyone who disagrees with that.

      Since you've come back to the community recently, you might not know of the work we are doing to make the platform better. All updates about new features and fixes (as well as overviews of strategy) can be found here: Since we publish updates every couple weeks, we're always adding new links to that page.

      I'm looking forward to seeing you around the community. As Joachim mentioned, the Coffee Corner is a good place to connect with active members. He even used that section to plug your post ( !