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SAP HANA 2.0 Express Edition | URLs, Permissions and Configuration for the Web Dispatcher

SAP HANA comes with different tools that can be accessed via Browser. The URLs, of course, differ and also require certain permissions. In addition some minor configuration to the SAP HANA database needs to be done to make all tools fully available.

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In this blog I explain how to access SAP HANA’s Web Dispatcher. It exists only once in a SAP HANA Instance and is administrated via the System Database. More information can be found in the SAP HANA Admin Guide.

I am using SAP HANA 2.0 Express in a VM Ware Container.

How to download & install SAP HANA Express is explained in this Youtube-Video

I am using the Package “Server only virtual machine”.

To be able to administrate the Web Dispatcher of SAP HANA a small configuration change needs to be done. It is also explained in SAP Note 2107899 – HANA Web Dispatcher – Multi DB – Access to Administration UI is restricted to System DB users

Required Configuration

Logon to the System Database in SAP HANA Studio and navigate to the Configuration Tab.

SID is SYS. Now, filter for string enable_admin_ui.

Change $(SAPSYSTEMNAME) to SYS. Save the parameter and restart the Service. I restart the database using “HDB stop” and “HDB start” as user hxeadm.

Required Authorizations

Grant role “sap.hana.xs.wdisp.admin::WebDispatcherAdmin” to provide Administrator rights.

Statements are:

— Create Administrator for Webdispatcher
create user wdisp_admin password Abcd12345 NO FORCE_FIRST_PASSWORD_CHANGE;

— Grant Admin Role
call _SYS_REPO.GRANT_ACTIVATED_ROLE (‘sap.hana.xs.wdisp.admin::WebDispatcherAdmin’, ‘WDISP_ADMIN’);


The URLs of Web Dispatcher are:



When you see this:

Go back to Required Configuration. This is due to a wrong configuration, not about missing privileges.

Instead you should see the following.

Login was successful.

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  • Great! It has worked perfectly for me. Now, I can open the web dispatcher in my hana express edition.

    Could you explain why did you make this modification = “Change $(SAPSYSTEMNAME) to SYS”. What does it means?


    Tks a lot


    • Hello Bruno,

      thank you very much. Refering to note  2107899 , The parameter has to be set to the value that represents the SystemDB.

      From the note:

      To enable the Web Dispatcher Administration specify which DB is the System DB by setting the parameter wdisp/enable_admin_ui_for_sid in webdispatcher.ini – [profile]. This parameter has to be set to the value of the subparameter SID of the wdisp/system_<xx> parameter that represents the System DB.


      wdisp/system_0 = SID=SYS, EXTSRV=…, SRCVHOST=…  #This system represents the System DB
      wdisp/system_1 = SID=TN1, EXTSRV=.., SRCVHOST=…   # This system represents a Tenant DB
      wdisp/enable_admin_ui_for_sid = SYS    # Only users in the System DB that have the role  sap.hana.xs.wdisp.admin::WebDispatcherAdmin or …::WebDispatcherMonitor are authorized to access the Admin UI.

      As a consequence the identifier used in the SID subparameter of the wdisp/system that represents the System DB has to be unique.

      Best regards, Stefan


  • hi, i'm using hana cockpit and would like to access the web dispatcher,

    however it resulted in 404 page.

    I checked that there's no WebDispatcherAdmin role in every HANA cockpit system.

    Is that related?