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SAP Leonardo – Design Thinking

In my previous post we have seen the overall business & technical concept of SAP Leonardo. Today’s topic will cover next main ingredient of SAP Leonardo, that is Design Thinking.

Design Thinking = Using logic & imagination to solve complex problem. A one-liner statement, but carries in depth process. In my understanding this(2 diagrams bellow) are the 2 process which work NOT one after another but in parallel to make “Design Thinking” works well for a creating viable & feasible “Prototype”.

source :

My thoughts on how to integrate “DVF Diagram” as part of part the “5 step process” of design thinking. In parallel.

First step, “Empathize”. The possible approach: Immerse, Observe , Engage. In simple term, walk in user’s shoes. User who facing the problem. User who you are targeting your solution for. Example, creating a solution for hospital patients, than be a patient. Feel and observe the situation by yourself & collect the inputs.

Second step, “Define”. From all the inputs collected from user engagement in first step, create a persona. A fictional individual with actual data from step one. And important, define the user experience/journey/emotion throughout the current problem he/she is facing.

Sample fictional persona

Step 3, “Ideate”. Cross road between problem and solution. Common approach is “Brainstorming” individually and in groups. Now lets integrate DVF diagram into this step.

For each idea you come up with. Put into the DVF cycle. For each idea by asking, is

The idea desirable by user?

The idea feasible?

The idea viable?

By end of this process, you will have very selected or even have come up with the final idea which meets the step 1, step 2 user expectation and at the same time meets DVF criteria in step 3. Bravo.

Digest & have a thought on the design thinking. Will cover hands-on Prototyping & Testing process in my next blog. Stay Tune.

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      Hi Sasitharan Ravindar,

      Can you please help us know where we can learning sap Leonardo, SAP Leonardo end to end implementation and integration, books or any sap site etc .Also how to work on it, for example create a model using a data set for ML etc. Basis I am from SAP Admin background, I have started working on ML (Data science) and also pursuing my PG in DATA SCIENCE. So I have good knowledge of sap products and ML (Data science) both. I am not getting much information on SAP Leonardo from the net, so asking you help to learn it. Please help.